Amazing Taste

STARBUCKS hit the nail right on the head w/this coffee!

With 37 years of experience STARBUCKS is going back to where it all started. Roasted fresh, ground fresh and brewed fresh. Introducing Pike Place Roast the smoothest coffee ever. I AGREE! A very nice smooth cocoa flavor that wakes me up in the morning and I really really really enjoy it!

I have just recently started buying the Starbucks coffees, coffee flavor from the local drive thru, the glass containers that you drink cold but I warm them up. I had NEVER tried fresh ground coffee by Starbucks and when I had an opportunity to participate in this bzz campaign I jumped straight in happily. I am truthful and fair, I test and give honest opinions and results. I had a taste test a few days ago of family and friends and ALL loved the coffee, all took it different ways and out of 4 people 2 went straight out and bought a bag. Let me tell you about this blend.

Pike Place Roast is the newest blend, tasting of Cocoa and Toasted Nuts, a subtle flavor that can be enjoyed all day. To create the perfect cup of coffee they start with the best beans. The smoother finish and soft acidity are attributed to a proprietary blend of high-altitude arabica beans. Then the roasting and blending process brings out the Cocoa and Toasted nut flavor that are locked inside every bag. This coffee goes great with chocolate, anything cinnamon or nutty flavored. Weather you take your coffee black or with sugar or cream your going to enjoy it. 100% Responsibly Grown and Ethically Traded. Available at your local Starbucks store and if you take in your empty bag of beans you get a FREE 12 oz. cup of fresh brewed coffee!! YAY!! I love it!

Why did they name it Pike Place Roast?

This is where it began. The site of their first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. With fresh roasted beans from around the world, we changed the way people experienced coffee.

I love this coffee. It’s not too expensive, it comes in a nice silver durable easy to close 12 oz. bag. All the information on the package is easy to read. I give it 2 thumbs up A+++ Great job by Starbucks.

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