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Pixie Cup Review

Pixie Menstrual Cup in larger size. This eco friendly pink cup will save you from buying so many tampons and maxi pads a year. If you have a family and more than one cycle in a home at once then you know the costs of buying feminine products monthly. It all adds up! Why not make a healthy, easy switch to something that really works! Ranked #1 for most comfortable and comes in two easily inserted sizes: Small holds 15 ml of liquid and Large holds 20 ml of liquid. Comfortably wear this cup for up to 12 hours even if you have a heavy cycle.

WHY WOULD I WANT TO!? Because you like to take leaps! You might think this is scary or weird like I did. I jumped into this feet first! I threw my hesitations to the side and I went for it. My biggest fear was that it would get stuck! It never did, not even in the slightest. My second fear was that it was going to be one bloody mess! Not at all. It was slightly messy the first two times but with the practice comes technique and you learn your own little ways of folding, inserting and taking it back out and dumping/rinsing and replacing. I know that I don’t want to spend the rest of my cycles hiking or swimming, out to dinner or movies and wondering if I brought an extra tampon with me? Searching through your purse for a pad or tampon that your forgot!! Never again. Saving money and never forgetting to pack an extra tampon! SCORE! What if I’m in a public restroom and I need to rinse it? They provide wipes that smell amazing! You open the wipe, wipe the cup, wipe your hands, wipe your vaginal area if you need to and throw it away. It’s so clean and easy. Trust me, your mind is going to think it’s way worse than it is so you just need to buck up and try this!! It’s really not messy. It’s totally BPA and toxin free! It’s silicone and if you have latex allergies like I do it’s perfect for you!

So ladies, take the leap it’s worth it and let me know how much you enjoy not having to buy those tampons and pads monthly.

I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST review and was NOT compensated in any way. Check out the link below if you want to get yours! #pixiecup


DESTEK V2 VR Combo Review

DESTEK® V2 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses(Pupil/Focal/Object Distance Adjustable)W/ Bluetooth Remote & NFC for 4~6″ IOS & Andorid phones for 3D Movies, Better than Google Cardboard

Product Details:


  • ☛Important NOTE:Thinkline LLC is the ONLY OWNER for DESTEK Brand. NO other retailers are authorized by Thinkline LLC to sell DESTEK products. Please see clear before buying. The 12-month warranty is only for product sold by Thinkline LLC.
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID AND IPHONE with 4.0-6.0 inch screen, and works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ☛ NOTE: Comes with a Bluetooth remote, which can support IOS and Android phones BUT game control for Android phones ONLY; player control for both Android and IOS phones.
  • ✔ FOCUS & PUPIL & OBJECT DISTANCE ADJUSTABLE, suitable for different groups of people; Myopia less than 400 degree is ok to use this item without wearing glasses.
  • ✔ PRACTICAL DESIGNS–Adjustable Phone Mount holds your phone in place to keep away scratching; Removable Cover works for heat emission; Adsorption Type Switch makes it easier to open & close; Flexible Frame of Lenses makes it easier to clean; High-quality Fether Cortical Patch makes it more comfortable; Flexible & Adjustable Headband is suitable for different people. NO MAGNET BUTTON AVAILABLE with the headset.
  • ✔ SUPER HIGH QUALITY LENSES, HD optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coating and 5 times polishing, effectively reducing deformity and glare, preventing visual fatigue and restoring 3D reality under the broad vision, reproducing a lossless virtual reality world.

My personal opinion of the product is that it’s not too large, durable and can be heavily dropped without breaking. I have three children ranging from ages 8-14 that have ripped this off each others heads, banged against counters and walls, dropped several times and reek havoc on it all the time. You honestly cannot tell it’s been out of the box except for small fingerprints on the edges of the headset. It can take a beating! If that ease your mind then the 12 month warranty should! Amazing!

It is larger than my Samsung VR gear but not by much and it does even more! I love that it’s lightweight at only 2lbs and it just looks expensive and nice. In the box it came with A User Manual, VR Glasses, Remote, NFC, Cleaning cloth &pads.

My favorite part is the bluetooth remote. It works with my Samsung VR gear which I love. So if I lose a VR remote I have this one to turn to in my time of dire need!

The focal/object tuning is great. I don’t have to keep my prescription glasses on even though I can safely. It just feels better when they’re off and I can adjust the device so I can see perfectly. The large cushion on the face is a huge plus! It doesn’t hurt my cheeks like most VR headsets do and I really love the comfort of it. Did I mention it’s WELL WORTH THE $$$!

I did score this beauty at a highly discounted price for my HONEST review and was in NO WAY compensated. Honestly it’s wonderful and if my kids can practically beat it to death and it still look brand new then I’m recommending the crap out of it! Check it out at the link below and happy “VR”ing! #DESTEKV2COMBOVRHeadset



Ninja grip by Ninja Fitness review

Ninja Grip Thick Bar Trainer and Hand Grip Strengthener for Obstacle Racers, Crossfit, Weight lifters, Athletes, and physical therapy.

Product Details:


  • Develop grip like a Ninja. Don’t let you fingers, grip, forearms, or biceps give out half way up the rope climb!
  • Thick bar training and adjustable hand grip strengthener in one.
  • Using a thicker diameter bar causes much greater muscle activation throughout the arms because it forces them to work much harder. This increased muscle activation leads to bigger, faster gains in muscle size and strength. Ninja Grip thick bar trainer measures 4.7 inches in length and 2.2 inches outer diameter for easier grip. The grips are made from a durable silicone material that won’t compress under heavy loads.
  • The hand grip strengthener is easy to use and adjustable: Just twist the dial to adjust from 22-88 pounds of resistance. Adjust the resistance to match your ability and increase the resistance as you gain strength.

My personal opinion of the products are mixed. I really like the thick bar trainers, they are thick, they work as they should and are VERY durable. The hand grip strengthener was used as it should be for about 24 hours before the bolt and plastic pieces on the front completely fell out. It doesn’t tighten well. It feels cheaply made. It occasionally makes crunches noises when used. So I love the thick bars and I hate the hand grip which is really what I need because I have very poor strength. After it all fell apart and I put it back together it works again and when I use it I can sit here watching tv, surf the net or basically use it anywhere and I can feel it working. It works the muscles all through my arm and I can feel it in my wrist and knuckle area. So it does still work but I’m afraid it will completely fall apart before long. If I had to rate the thick bars I’d say 5/5 and if I had to rate the grip strengthener it would be a 2/5.

I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST review with no compensation. To check out more reviews on the product check out the link below:      #NinjaGrip


Premium Choice Products Cat Tunnel

Premium Choice Products 3 way cat tunnel is a fun way for you kitty to exercise and have a blast! Keep kitty entertained by playing games and aid in stopping meowing and scratching.

Product details:

  • Completely redesigned with peep hole, hanging toy & safety features. Playhouse & shelter in one!
  • Encourages curiosity, play, stalking & exercise, especially with treats and food. Fun videos too!
  • 10″ tube diameter & 22″ long legs fit all cats. Thicker, more durable material for energetic kitties
  • Bonus Storage Bag. Collapses to 2″ and 1.5lb so no need for permanent furniture, trees or enclosures
  • Great gift for all cat lovers. Buy now with our 100% purrfect satisfaction and money back guarantee. 

My personal opinion of this product is a great one. My indoor cat as well as my three outdoor cats love this product. They are naturally curious and love to hide so taking this outside made three big cats play and stalk each other. My indoor cat who hardly plays and is older but smaller loves this as well. She likes to hide and jump out at people walking by to attack them playfully.

It collapses and ties back up to store anywhere. It feels sturdy and doesn’t make much sound at all, just a slight crinkly noise. Overall the product is well worth the money coming in at just under $20.

I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST review and honestly I love it because my cats absolutely LOVE IT! I was not compensated in ANY way.

Score yours by clicking below. #premiumcattunnel

Aposon Mens Watch

#Aposon Mens Unique Quad Dial Analog Quartz Waterproof Fashion Wrist Business Casual Watch with Stainless Steel Case, 98ft Water Resistant, Leather Band, Calendar Month, Week, Date and Moon phase.

This is a great watch to own. It is sleek, beautiful and looks so handsome on any mans wrist. With precise time keeping this Japanese quartz watch is a must have fashion item for your man. It is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet and breaking on you. You can swim or dive down to 98 ft. without a care. Stainless steel case and high quality leather band. The quad dial on the face looks so complicated and to me complicated means expensive! What it means is that you can tell the week, date, month and time all in one and the moon phase. This is an extremely lightweight watch and wearing it seems like it’s not even on your wrist it’s so light. It’s a must have business casual watch. To score yours check out the link below.

I received this item at a highly discounted price for my honest opinion. I was in NO WAY compensated.

Nature’s Blueprint Matcha Powder

Nature’s Blueprint Matcha Green Tea Powder {USDA Organic} Premium Ceremonial Grade – Japanese Uji 30g Tin {1.oz}

This ceremonial grade Japanese powder has 137x MORE antioxidants than regular green tea. It’s non GMO and JONA certified. Intensifies focus, accelerates energy and gives your metabolism a great big boost!

It comes in a 1.oz tin. It’s a great color and the lid opens very easily. Inside is a green fine powder. This is where the magic begins. You take a half teaspoon and add it to 3 oz. of hot water. This is how I like to drink it. Now you can make more, you can drink all you want too. I just prefer to do it this way x2 a day. So I do one “ceremonial grade shot” once in the morning and another in the pre- evening hours. This is a superfood and is organic so that is a HUGE plus that I love to hear. It is a small container but it lasts a good while and it’s worth it from the huge health benefits your gaining. It does recommend you use within 2 months of opening for the best quality but honestly mine didn’t last that long.

So what does it taste like? If you drink green tea then your going to see it tastes just like green tea. I take mine straight with just water and some people do it with milk and sugar. You play around with it and make the recipe your own. If you need more flavor, add it. If you want to add more powder to the water or more water for the powder, do it. It’s a great addition to your daily routine.

You can also use this as a meditation aid, uses in weight loss, coffee substitute and it naturally detoxifies.

In exchange for my honest review I was given this product at a highly discounted price. I was not compensated in any way.

To score yours below or just to look at the product with more detail click the link below:



PRO Results – Caralluma Fimbriata Extract

Pro Results Caralluma Fimbriata is an extract that is used as an appetite suppressant and belly fat blaster. This natural weight loss pill is supposed to zap that belly fat fast! I received one bottle with 60 veggie capsules inside that equals a one month supply. So first off I was wondering what is Caralluma anyways? It’s thought to originally come from India and it is eaten as a raw vegetable. The reason they eat this is to suppress appetite, quench thirst and increase endurance. So after reading and doing a little research I decided, why not? After a week of taking this twice a day with a full glass of water it really did suppress my appetite. My lunch routine consists of eating about half of what I’d normally consume. This didn’t work on day 1 or even day 2 for me. It took a few days for me to actually start feeling the results. I am seeing a considerate amount of weight loss due to this. I am seeing a bit of fat coming off my under arms and around my hips. This has no smell at all and I love how easy it is for the veggie caps to break down in my system. For the price I love this product.

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review with no compensation.

Below you can click the link and check it out and try it for yourself. #proresults


The Planted Perfect easy oscillating sprinkler system is a must have garden/lawn item. It comes in a nice box with simple explanation of what it does and how it performs. With the 2150 sq.feet of water coverage it was a nice big hit for my large yard. I really liked how it did cover a large wide area (54.4 ft maximum) and I had the option to set it just to cover the right, left or sprinkle directly from the center. It was extremely easy for my 14 year old to set up without having any instructions on how to do so. If you do not need this for your lawn and just want it for your kids or grandchildren to play in, it works for that too! My kids absolutely loved playing in this sprinkler. My purpose for this will be for watering my lawn and garden areas but hey if the kids want some play time in it then it’s fine with me. This product is also engineered to last. Feeling it and holding it, it feels very sturdy. It isn’t very heavy at only 1.2 lbs and it’s easily moved. After a whole day of my kids messing with it and moving it around here and there it has stayed strong.

Why Planted Perfect?

-100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love your sprinkler or your money back
– Dependable, lasting design – water better for seasons to come with a reinforced, garden tested resistant resin plastic sprayer
– Stable, reliable base design – larger, more robust base and weighting system keep this powerful sprinkler in place and watering – no more flips or falling over!
– Great customer service – gardeners for life, customers for life

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review and honestly I really think it’s worth the money and I like going into a product with a great guarantee. To get yours check out the link below. #gardening

Somasix refrigerator magnet set

SOMASIX Magnetic Letters and Numbers – Educational Refrigerator Magnet Set for Kids 62 Pieces.

62 piece alphabet set with numbers 0-9. This includes uppercase and lowercase letters. These bright beautiful numbers and letters are a huge plus to my fridge these days. When I received these my children wanted them immediately. I opened up the box and inside was a large bag full of colorful letters/numbers. My children scrambled around grabbing up letters and placing them on the refrigerator making phrases and words and playing with the numbers. I noticed that these are very large and durable which is a huge plus! These are far from the “dollar store” type of magnets that have absolutely no hold to them at all. These magnets are of a medium size with great hold and can even keep a few papers in place if need be. My favorite thing about these sturdy letters/numbers are that they are 100% educational. I have a special needs child in my household that is four years old and he loves to spell with these. We have begun working on addition and subtraction with the numbers as well. You can play games, spell, point and ask what colors they are. They do come in yellow, blue, green, purple, orange and red. I think every home should have refrigerator magnets like this. Definitely worth the money. They do offer a 100% cash back guarantee if you do not like the product so that is a great thing in my book.  BPA FREE!! They do want your child to be over 3 years old if they want to play with these due to a possible choking hazard. My kids range from 4-14 and they all love this set!

I must disclose that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

To get yours click on the provided link below and have a blast with these amazing letters/numbers!

MeasuPro blood pressure monitor

MeasuPro Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Meter, Hypertension Color Alert Display, Two User Modes, IHB Indicator and Memory Recall.


I first off want to state that I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review.

MeasuPro digital blood pressure monitor is a great little gadget to have if you need to monitor your blood pressure, hypertension, heart rate/pulse or irregular heartbeat. It can remember up to 120 readings for two people and you program yourself right in. It comes with a lengthy instruction book which I didn’t use at all because it’s so simple to work that I did not feel I had to crack it open. It has a nice large display on the front that is so easy to read and see with the nice blue and white colors. There is a color code on the left side that ranges from green to red that shows you what range you should be in for a healthy blood pressure according to the American Heart Association. There is an opening under the face of the device for the 2 triple A batteries you need to power it. The batteries are included. My problem was that the brand new packaged batteries provided were almost completely drained. That is a problem they need to fix immediately. When you put this on you simply place it on your left inside wrist and push the little person icon, either #1 or #2, and it will start to tighten and rate your pressure. This gets tight! In my 100% honest opinion this gets really tight. It absolutely does not hurt and I have dainty wrists. It just gets slightly uncomfortable for about 4 seconds. I have had four other cuffs in the past and this by far is the tightest. It is the most accurate cuff I’ve had though and I really do believe it’s because it is tighter! It should be very tight in order to get the correct reading so I actually like that it is tight and doesn’t hurt. This also tells the time and date and is completely wireless and portable so I can throw this in my bag and go go go! Speaking of bag, it comes with a really nice, soft drawstring bag so you can store it without damaging it.

So for my honest opinion this is 4/5 stars and I really liked reviewing the product. You can buy yours at the link below and let me know how you like it! #measupro


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