7 in 1 Bamboo Charging Stand

The 7 in 1 Bamboo Charging Stand by CoolPlus is a luxury item that I have recently purchased on Amazon. It is a two piece charging dock that is small and sleek in design. Handcrafted by a whole piece of natural bamboo wood, no splicing or glue, durable and can hold  your Apple iWatch, iPhone, iPad, iPod and also supports LG Samsung series. This unit is lightweight only weighing in at slightly under 12 ounces.

My personal experience and views on this item are that it’s worth the price in the way that it is durable and it looks so very nice holding my things at my desk. It’s easy to move and assemble with only two pieces interlocking together. I can charge my ipad or my kindle, two phones at once and my Fitbit on the little side for a SmartWatch. There are three holes to hold different styluses but I use it for ink pens and markers. You can really get creative and charge up almost anything electronic on this stand.

With the 18 month warranty on an item for less than $18.00 where can you go wrong? They also provide lifetime support and this item is environmental and it makes your items look awesome! Even the box they send it in was made of recycled paper. LOVE!

Where can you buy this right away? Link is listed below. Enjoy! #chargingstand

I received this item at a highly discounted rate in exchange for an honest review.


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