Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern

Flashlight/Torch with emergency powerbank. LED and USB rechargeable. This is a great little versatile lamp that you can use for camping, trekking, power outages, anything you can imagine where you need a light. It’s only 2 inches high when collapsed and 3 inches around. It weighs about a 1/4 of a pound so throwing it in your backpack or fanny pack while hiking is no problem at all. You could even shove this in your back pocket if you had to. It has a nifty covered charging flap that you open and plug your USB into and a durable handle on top used to pull up and open the accordion styled lamp for more light. The light has three modes, a low, high and blinking type function. In my personal opinion this is one BRIGHT light! It really does the job and I like that! It’s water resistant and the battery lasted for me almost to 11 hours and it’s rated at 10 hours so it really went above and beyond and it charges your phone! So if you’re lost in the woods and your phone is getting ready to die you can plug it into your torch and charge your phone at least 50%! SCORE! For less than $18 on Amazon I’m very satisfied mostly because they have a Bright Outdoors guarantee that if you don’t like your product or are not happy with it they will gladly refund or replace the item no questions asked so I went into this feeling comfortable that If I had a problem it would be handled with ease. I did receive this product at a highly discounted price for my honest review and honestly I LOVE IT! Go ahead and get yours at the link below and let me know how much you love it too. #thebrightoutdoors

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