Girl’s cubic zirconia crystal white gold-plated butterfly necklace gift set

Girl’s cubic zirconia crystal white gold-plated butterfly necklace gift set in purple and pink velour butterfly jewelry box with inspirational quote butterfly bookmark by Box-Me-Not Jewelry

This gift set is the sweetest little gift you can give. I loved the size of the purple bag and the colorful tag on the top. It made the gift look really special. It was easy to open and super cute! Inside the bag is a large bookmark which my daughter really loved. The inspirational quote reads: Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly… I love that! It makes me want to hug her tightly. The box is pink/purple velour shaped like a butterfly. It is a lovely box itself and I would be interested in buying the box alone because it’s so nice. It’s very sturdy and durable. It reads: Blossom like a Butterfly inside in silver lettering. There is just so much detail so far and I haven’t even gotten to the necklace. The necklace is on a beautiful 17″ chain which is the perfect size for my daughters neck. The butterfly on the necklace is small and feels so dainty and fragile. We gave it a few tugs to see how it would handle and so far so good, it’s a very strong gem on a strong chain. The colors are very pretty, pink, purple, green and yellow. It really shines on her neck. Seeing her appreciate it and really light up when she got to put it on made me happy. I would love to see more jewelry from this brand.

I was given a discount for the product in exchange for an honest review and my honest last word is that this is beautiful and my daughter is 100% happy with it which makes me love it even more. A great gift! You can score one here for a great price:



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