MeasuPro blood pressure monitor

MeasuPro Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Meter, Hypertension Color Alert Display, Two User Modes, IHB Indicator and Memory Recall.


I first off want to state that I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review.

MeasuPro digital blood pressure monitor is a great little gadget to have if you need to monitor your blood pressure, hypertension, heart rate/pulse or irregular heartbeat. It can remember up to 120 readings for two people and you program yourself right in. It comes with a lengthy instruction book which I didn’t use at all because it’s so simple to work that I did not feel I had to crack it open. It has a nice large display on the front that is so easy to read and see with the nice blue and white colors. There is a color code on the left side that ranges from green to red that shows you what range you should be in for a healthy blood pressure according to the American Heart Association. There is an opening under the face of the device for the 2 triple A batteries you need to power it. The batteries are included. My problem was that the brand new packaged batteries provided were almost completely drained. That is a problem they need to fix immediately. When you put this on you simply place it on your left inside wrist and push the little person icon, either #1 or #2, and it will start to tighten and rate your pressure. This gets tight! In my 100% honest opinion this gets really tight. It absolutely does not hurt and I have dainty wrists. It just gets slightly uncomfortable for about 4 seconds. I have had four other cuffs in the past and this by far is the tightest. It is the most accurate cuff I’ve had though and I really do believe it’s because it is tighter! It should be very tight in order to get the correct reading so I actually like that it is tight and doesn’t hurt. This also tells the time and date and is completely wireless and portable so I can throw this in my bag and go go go! Speaking of bag, it comes with a really nice, soft drawstring bag so you can store it without damaging it.

So for my honest opinion this is 4/5 stars and I really liked reviewing the product. You can buy yours at the link below and let me know how you like it! #measupro


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