Somasix refrigerator magnet set

SOMASIX Magnetic Letters and Numbers – Educational Refrigerator Magnet Set for Kids 62 Pieces.

62 piece alphabet set with numbers 0-9. This includes uppercase and lowercase letters. These bright beautiful numbers and letters are a huge plus to my fridge these days. When I received these my children wanted them immediately. I opened up the box and inside was a large bag full of colorful letters/numbers. My children scrambled around grabbing up letters and placing them on the refrigerator making phrases and words and playing with the numbers. I noticed that these are very large and durable which is a huge plus! These are far from the “dollar store” type of magnets that have absolutely no hold to them at all. These magnets are of a medium size with great hold and can even keep a few papers in place if need be. My favorite thing about these sturdy letters/numbers are that they are 100% educational. I have a special needs child in my household that is four years old and he loves to spell with these. We have begun working on addition and subtraction with the numbers as well. You can play games, spell, point and ask what colors they are. They do come in yellow, blue, green, purple, orange and red. I think every home should have refrigerator magnets like this. Definitely worth the money. They do offer a 100% cash back guarantee if you do not like the product so that is a great thing in my book.  BPA FREE!! They do want your child to be over 3 years old if they want to play with these due to a possible choking hazard. My kids range from 4-14 and they all love this set!

I must disclose that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

To get yours click on the provided link below and have a blast with these amazing letters/numbers!

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