The Planted Perfect easy oscillating sprinkler system is a must have garden/lawn item. It comes in a nice box with simple explanation of what it does and how it performs. With the 2150 sq.feet of water coverage it was a nice big hit for my large yard. I really liked how it did cover a large wide area (54.4 ft maximum) and I had the option to set it just to cover the right, left or sprinkle directly from the center. It was extremely easy for my 14 year old to set up without having any instructions on how to do so. If you do not need this for your lawn and just want it for your kids or grandchildren to play in, it works for that too! My kids absolutely loved playing in this sprinkler. My purpose for this will be for watering my lawn and garden areas but hey if the kids want some play time in it then it’s fine with me. This product is also engineered to last. Feeling it and holding it, it feels very sturdy. It isn’t very heavy at only 1.2 lbs and it’s easily moved. After a whole day of my kids messing with it and moving it around here and there it has stayed strong.

Why Planted Perfect?

-100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love your sprinkler or your money back
– Dependable, lasting design – water better for seasons to come with a reinforced, garden tested resistant resin plastic sprayer
– Stable, reliable base design – larger, more robust base and weighting system keep this powerful sprinkler in place and watering – no more flips or falling over!
– Great customer service – gardeners for life, customers for life

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review and honestly I really think it’s worth the money and I like going into a product with a great guarantee. To get yours check out the link below. #gardening

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