Nature’s Blueprint Matcha Powder

Nature’s Blueprint Matcha Green Tea Powder {USDA Organic} Premium Ceremonial Grade – Japanese Uji 30g Tin {1.oz}

This ceremonial grade Japanese powder has 137x MORE antioxidants than regular green tea. It’s non GMO and JONA certified. Intensifies focus, accelerates energy and gives your metabolism a great big boost!

It comes in a 1.oz tin. It’s a great color and the lid opens very easily. Inside is a green fine powder. This is where the magic begins. You take a half teaspoon and add it to 3 oz. of hot water. This is how I like to drink it. Now you can make more, you can drink all you want too. I just prefer to do it this way x2 a day. So I do one “ceremonial grade shot” once in the morning and another in the pre- evening hours. This is a superfood and is organic so that is a HUGE plus that I love to hear. It is a small container but it lasts a good while and it’s worth it from the huge health benefits your gaining. It does recommend you use within 2 months of opening for the best quality but honestly mine didn’t last that long.

So what does it taste like? If you drink green tea then your going to see it tastes just like green tea. I take mine straight with just water and some people do it with milk and sugar. You play around with it and make the recipe your own. If you need more flavor, add it. If you want to add more powder to the water or more water for the powder, do it. It’s a great addition to your daily routine.

You can also use this as a meditation aid, uses in weight loss, coffee substitute and it naturally detoxifies.

In exchange for my honest review I was given this product at a highly discounted price. I was not compensated in any way.

To score yours below or just to look at the product with more detail click the link below:



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