Aposon Mens Watch

#Aposon Mens Unique Quad Dial Analog Quartz Waterproof Fashion Wrist Business Casual Watch with Stainless Steel Case, 98ft Water Resistant, Leather Band, Calendar Month, Week, Date and Moon phase.

This is a great watch to own. It is sleek, beautiful and looks so handsome on any mans wrist. With precise time keeping this Japanese quartz watch is a must have fashion item for your man. It is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet and breaking on you. You can swim or dive down to 98 ft. without a care. Stainless steel case and high quality leather band. The quad dial on the face looks so complicated and to me complicated means expensive! What it means is that you can tell the week, date, month and time all in one and the moon phase. This is an extremely lightweight watch and wearing it seems like it’s not even on your wrist it’s so light. It’s a must have business casual watch. To score yours check out the link below.


I received this item at a highly discounted price for my honest opinion. I was in NO WAY compensated.

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