DESTEK V2 VR Combo Review

DESTEK® V2 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses(Pupil/Focal/Object Distance Adjustable)W/ Bluetooth Remote & NFC for 4~6″ IOS & Andorid phones for 3D Movies, Better than Google Cardboard

Product Details:


  • ☛Important NOTE:Thinkline LLC is the ONLY OWNER for DESTEK Brand. NO other retailers are authorized by Thinkline LLC to sell DESTEK products. Please see clear before buying. The 12-month warranty is only for product sold by Thinkline LLC.
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID AND IPHONE with 4.0-6.0 inch screen, and works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ☛ NOTE: Comes with a Bluetooth remote, which can support IOS and Android phones BUT game control for Android phones ONLY; player control for both Android and IOS phones.
  • ✔ FOCUS & PUPIL & OBJECT DISTANCE ADJUSTABLE, suitable for different groups of people; Myopia less than 400 degree is ok to use this item without wearing glasses.
  • ✔ PRACTICAL DESIGNS–Adjustable Phone Mount holds your phone in place to keep away scratching; Removable Cover works for heat emission; Adsorption Type Switch makes it easier to open & close; Flexible Frame of Lenses makes it easier to clean; High-quality Fether Cortical Patch makes it more comfortable; Flexible & Adjustable Headband is suitable for different people. NO MAGNET BUTTON AVAILABLE with the headset.
  • ✔ SUPER HIGH QUALITY LENSES, HD optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coating and 5 times polishing, effectively reducing deformity and glare, preventing visual fatigue and restoring 3D reality under the broad vision, reproducing a lossless virtual reality world.

My personal opinion of the product is that it’s not too large, durable and can be heavily dropped without breaking. I have three children ranging from ages 8-14 that have ripped this off each others heads, banged against counters and walls, dropped several times and reek havoc on it all the time. You honestly cannot tell it’s been out of the box except for small fingerprints on the edges of the headset. It can take a beating! If that ease your mind then the 12 month warranty should! Amazing!

It is larger than my Samsung VR gear but not by much and it does even more! I love that it’s lightweight at only 2lbs and it just looks expensive and nice. In the box it came with A User Manual, VR Glasses, Remote, NFC, Cleaning cloth &pads.

My favorite part is the bluetooth remote. It works with my Samsung VR gear which I love. So if I lose a VR remote I have this one to turn to in my time of dire need!

The focal/object tuning is great. I don’t have to keep my prescription glasses on even though I can safely. It just feels better when they’re off and I can adjust the device so I can see perfectly. The large cushion on the face is a huge plus! It doesn’t hurt my cheeks like most VR headsets do and I really love the comfort of it. Did I mention it’s WELL WORTH THE $$$!

I did score this beauty at a highly discounted price for my HONEST review and was in NO WAY compensated. Honestly it’s wonderful and if my kids can practically beat it to death and it still look brand new then I’m recommending the crap out of it! Check it out at the link below and happy “VR”ing! #DESTEKV2COMBOVRHeadset




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