Pixie Cup Review

Pixie Menstrual Cup in larger size. This eco friendly pink cup will save you from buying so many tampons and maxi pads a year. If you have a family and more than one cycle in a home at once then you know the costs of buying feminine products monthly. It all adds up! Why not make a healthy, easy switch to something that really works! Ranked #1 for most comfortable and comes in two easily inserted sizes: Small holds 15 ml of liquid and Large holds 20 ml of liquid. Comfortably wear this cup for up to 12 hours even if you have a heavy cycle.

WHY WOULD I WANT TO!? Because you like to take leaps! You might think this is scary or weird like I did. I jumped into this feet first! I threw my hesitations to the side and I went for it. My biggest fear was that it would get stuck! It never did, not even in the slightest. My second fear was that it was going to be one bloody mess! Not at all. It was slightly messy the first two times but with the practice comes technique and you learn your own little ways of folding, inserting and taking it back out and dumping/rinsing and replacing. I know that I don’t want to spend the rest of my cycles hiking or swimming, out to dinner or movies and wondering if I brought an extra tampon with me? Searching through your purse for a pad or tampon that your forgot!! Never again. Saving money and never forgetting to pack an extra tampon! SCORE! What if I’m in a public restroom and I need to rinse it? They provide wipes that smell amazing! You open the wipe, wipe the cup, wipe your hands, wipe your vaginal area if you need to and throw it away. It’s so clean and easy. Trust me, your mind is going to think it’s way worse than it is so you just need to buck up and try this!! It’s really not messy. It’s totally BPA and toxin free! It’s silicone and if you have latex allergies like I do it’s perfect for you!

So ladies, take the leap it’s worth it and let me know how much you enjoy not having to buy those tampons and pads monthly.

I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST review and was NOT compensated in any way. Check out the link below if you want to get yours! #pixiecup


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