Premium Choice Products Cat Tunnel

Premium Choice Products 3 way cat tunnel is a fun way for you kitty to exercise and have a blast! Keep kitty entertained by playing games and aid in stopping meowing and scratching.

Product details:

  • Completely redesigned with peep hole, hanging toy & safety features. Playhouse & shelter in one!
  • Encourages curiosity, play, stalking & exercise, especially with treats and food. Fun videos too!
  • 10″ tube diameter & 22″ long legs fit all cats. Thicker, more durable material for energetic kitties
  • Bonus Storage Bag. Collapses to 2″ and 1.5lb so no need for permanent furniture, trees or enclosures
  • Great gift for all cat lovers. Buy now with our 100% purrfect satisfaction and money back guarantee. 

My personal opinion of this product is a great one. My indoor cat as well as my three outdoor cats love this product. They are naturally curious and love to hide so taking this outside made three big cats play and stalk each other. My indoor cat who hardly plays and is older but smaller loves this as well. She likes to hide and jump out at people walking by to attack them playfully.

It collapses and ties back up to store anywhere. It feels sturdy and doesn’t make much sound at all, just a slight crinkly noise. Overall the product is well worth the money coming in at just under $20.

I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST review and honestly I love it because my cats absolutely LOVE IT! I was not compensated in ANY way.

Score yours by clicking below. #premiumcattunnel


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