Pet Safe Dog Bark Collar by Our K9 Review

Pet safe dog bark collar by Our K9 is a must need for any barking dog. A perfect fit for dogs sized 10-120 lbs of ANY breed. Lightweight and durable. A big hit with owners who need a break from noisy animals.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

I received this box a few weeks ago and was immediately excited. I have an unruly older dog who has become cranky in his elder years. He loves to defy me daily and bark at every tiny thing. I admired the box, a very nice black sturdy box. Opening it up and taking out the hard black case was sheer delight! I LOVE a nice case as much as I love a nice box. It has a very nice design on the front and zippered middle. Inside it looked a bit complicated with things stuck all over. Not in a messy way at all, it was all laid out beautifully. I really have to admit that I drooled a little over these contents, it all looked very lovely. Doing a quick read through with the directions and inserting the batteries was a breeze!! So easy I just tossed those directions to the side and off I went to my little Tater Tot to place on his neck. It fits very nicely, not too big nor too small. He is a shih-tzu and weighs about 17 pounds. This went on and sized around his neck extremely easily. He stared at me as if he knew what this device was going to do but then he barked! He didn’t yelp or scream out he just turned his head a few times and it was over! It worked! He has been wearing this for almost 2 weeks now and he has barked maybe 5-6 times in this time period but only gets out one bark before he stops. I haven’t had to do anything with this device at all it still works perfectly. It is very easy to clean as well. I take it apart, wipe if off and give the collar part a small warm dip in soap and rinse and let sit for a 20 minutes and it’s good to go. I am 100% HAPPY with this whole exchange for my review and cannot wait until I get another one in the mail for my larger dog. These are beautifully designed and do the job right without harming my little ones.


  • ✔ • SAFE FOR PETS – This collar uses a light static shock to train your dog to respond to training cues. It’s safe on their skin and coat and won’t cause pain.
  • ✔ • VARIABLE SIZING – Our K9 bark collars comes in 9 different sizes ranging from Toy Breed (4 lbs.) to X-large (120 lbs.). This bark collar is not recommended for teacup or toy sizes.
  • ✔ • IMPROVED TRAINING – All dogs are different, which means they can’t all be trained the safe way. We use a safe static charge to help train your pet to stay quiet or obedient without any lasting physical pain.
  • ✔ • BONUS GUIDES – Included with your dog collar you’ll find 3 Dog Training EBooks and a comprehensive users manual that includes additional training and instructional videos to ensure safe use.
  • ✔ • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – We want you and your dog to love Our K9 bark collars, which is why they come with an exclusive 1-year unlimited warranty and a 30-day risk free guarantee.

So if the guarantee doesn’t put you to ease then what will? This is going to cost you less than $30.00 and your ears really do need a break don’t they? To score your peace and mind back click below and train your dog to be well mannered because even if you don’t mind the barking so much your neighbors will most likely THANK YOU! #RoyalBarkCollarWithCase

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