TripleBooster 3 Port Car Charger

The TripleBooster – A Powerful 3 Ports USB Car Charger 7.2A 36W With 2.4A On Each Port. Comes with 3 USB Cables For iPhone 4/5/6, Android, PSP,Camera etc. Also Comes With a Cloth Bag, All in One Set!

My journey with #TripleBooster has been an enjoyable one. One with ease and positivity. It came in a big box with fancy looking things inside. I opened it up and placed it all in this nifty bag it gave me and placed it inside my car. It was days later before I realized I had this cool looking thing to try! I fumbled through finding the pieces and plugging it in. It just becomes an attachment of the car. When I need to plug in my phone or my daughters phones you just connect it so easy and BAM you’re charging instantly. It’s big and easy to find for sure. It all worked exactly as it was supposed to.


  • A COMPLETE SET FOR 3 SIMULTANEOUS USERS – The TripleBooster includes a powerful 3 USB ports charger 7.2A 36W, A Micro-USB Cable for Windows-Phone & Android users, A 30-pin (dock) USB Cable for iPhone 4 users, A 8-Pin (Lightning) USB Cable for iPhone 6 users, and a cloth bag to store all accessories. ALL CABLE COARDS ARE 1m LONG, AND ARE RATED FOR 2.4A !
  • OUTSTANDING TRIPLE-USB OUTPUT – The TripleBooster is ideal for frequent travelers who use multiple devices. By using the 3 USB outputs with 36W / 7.2A, it enables you to charge practically any of your mobile 5V based devices simultaneously & rapidly. 3 devices at a time.
  • YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. USE WITH CONFIDENCE – This is an advanced car charger, that includes built-in Over charge Protection, over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, stable voltage protection, Over-current protection, over heating protection etc. The charger also senses the attached device, and delivers the max. power allowed for it. It is also CE / FCC / RoHS and ISO 9001 certified.
  • SEE IT AT WORK – 3 LED power indicators (One for each USB port) let you know which port or device is currently charging. The LED indicators are easy to see but soft enough so they do not distract you while driving. When the phone battery is full – the charger stops its work, and the LED indicator turns off.
  • FIREPROOF, DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – The TripleBooster Car Charger is made of a Fire-Resistance, durable and lightweight material. This will provide you years of easy, safe, and enjoyable use. So, Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button now, and enjoy 18 months guarantee, and lifetime support!

So what do you get in the box?

Get A Complete Set for Complete Operation Results.
When you buy our product, you get the following items in a gift package:
– The TripleBooster Charger: Durable, Powerful and safe for use.
– A Micro-USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For Android 5V based phones and tablets.
– A 30-Pin USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For iPhone 4, or any 5V based product that use this connector.
– A 8-Pin USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For iPhone 6, or any 5V based product that use this connector.
– A welcome guide that includes the TripleBooster site address. As a VIP member, you are entitle to bonuses from time to time.
– A cloth bag to store the cables in, when they are not in use.
– A User-Guide with simple instructions on how to operate the TripleBooster.
– All are packed in a Gift-Package, so you can send it to your loved ones as a gift.


I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review and honestly it’s great for the price @ under $15.00. It’s a nice solid product. If you want to score yours please click the link below and give it a try!


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