Womens Cateye Retro Fashion Retro Round Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses

These womens cateye fashion sunglasses have become my all time favorite pair of sunglasses! Let me first off say that I have a larger face. I’ve been a large faced person for my entire life so finding a pair of sunglasses to sit properly on my face has been a major challenge in my sunny life! I get so frustrated with going and finding sunglasses. Trying to buy sunglasses online? Forget about it!!! I can’t attempt to do that. So I did receive these at a highly discounted price for my HONEST review and was not compensated in any way. I received these days later, opened them up and immediately I started giggling. I was going to wear these? I’m a fun and relaxed type of person and I like to have a fun loving side so I opened them up and slapped them on my face. I LOVED THEM! They made my face look SO ADORABLE! They aren’t real huge, not small, just right! The gunmetal color I chose was perfect for my skin color and they just make my face look amazing. Since wearing these around for just a few days I’ve had OVER 20 compliments with 2 of my friends buying a pair of their own. I have since bought another color and absolutely ADORE them! I will have one in EVERY color before summer hits! At just $12.99 these a great addition to my face! They feel thick and durable but they aren’t heavy and DO NOT weigh down on your cheeks. Both pairs that I obtained came in “purrfect” shape with no scratches or imperfections. There is even a stylish black soft bag with drawstring to keep them safe. I’m so careless that I love that I can put them back in the sleeve and just toss them in my purse and they stay lovely.


  • Metal frame
  • mirrored lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 47 mm
  • Unique Retro Cateye Design
  • 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Ray
  • Lightweight for Superior Comfort
  • frame width: 139mm lens width:47mm lens height:45mm nose:18mm arm length:140mm

To score your pair please click below and check them out! These make a great gift as well and trying to fend off my 2 teenage daughters is crazy! They want my cat glasses!!




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