Pure Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats Review

Zesty Paws Pure Salmon Oil for Dogs/Cats.

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review and was not compensated.



  • A Tasty Pet Treat With Body Nourishing Benefits – Zesty Paws’ Pure Salmon Oil is an all-natural supplement that keeps dogs and cats looking and feeling healthy from the inside out. This capsule-free formula makes for a great food topping on regular meals with a delicious flavor that all pets will go wild for.
  • Packed with Powerful Omega-3 Nutrients – This premium product is rich with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA to deliver vital nutrients that keep their coats soft, their bodies healthy, and their skin hydrated and itch-free. Works great with small, medium and large breeds!
  • Keep Your Pet in Tip-Top Shape for Good – How does this Pure Salmon Oil help a pet’s physical well-being, you ask? The rich fatty acids found in our specially formulated supplement promotes proper joint function, heart health and immune system strength to keep dogs and cats in the best shape of their lives
  • Easy-to-Use for Owners and Enjoyable for Pets – With Zesty Paws’ Pure Salmon Oil, you won’t have to worry about forcing your pet to digest a capsule anymore! This product comes in liquid form with a pump-bottle dispenser for superb ease of use. Simply pump the appropriate amount directly onto your pet’s meal, and their bowl will be licked clean in moments! They’ll love it.
  • Your Pets Deserve The Best – Zesty Paws’ Pure Salmon Oil contains the finest high-grade

Check out my video review below starring Luna the cat.




This has almost no smell at all! My cats and dogs approve and absolutely LOVE this product on their food, toys and rawhides. It keeps them healthy and me happy!

#Zenwise  Score yours at the address below!


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