Snore Reliever Review

#SnoreReliever is not only rated a #1 Best Seller on Amazon but after reviewing it for almost 2 weeks I can honestly tell you IT WORKS!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review, I was not compensated.

With that being said I have to start by saying this. My husband is a snorer! A very powerful, wake you up in the middle of the night, SNORER! I have lost my mind many nights listening to him in all his glory snoring the night away! Many nights after cramming pillows in around my ears and crying eventually leading to getting up making my way to the couch I have found my relief! If you have a snoring person lying next to you in bed you know how painful and stressful it really is. I have actually punched him in the middle of the night and smacked him repeatedly to STOP and SHUT UP!! I’m usually not this violent but sleep deprivation makes you do really mean things! So after I received this product to test he was completely against it. He was not going to shove things in his nose! I told him that for my sake PLEASE try this so I can get some sleep and I promised more sleep would make me less cranky during the day. He gave in and tried it. I wore them to bed with him the first night. They come in a set of 6 with 2 different designs and 4 sizes so I can wear these too! I snore a tiny bit according to him so I don’t need them as much. Placing them in is easy. They don’t feel uncomfortable at all. I use the smallest size and he uses one of the larger sizes. They slide in and have a small overhang that connects the sides outside of the nose. Just in case your nose decides it wants to try to consume them while you sleep and they don’t get stuck. He never complained once! This man complains about everything and this was perfectly fine to him. No whining at all. I didn’t wake up once that night! The next night he had already placed them in and got into bed. I didn’t wake up again. These are a great, easy product that is comfortable and cheap in price! Perfect for couples who wake each other up snoring in the night. I felt a tad bit embarrassed at first but they are barely noticeable in your nasal passage and my kids didn’t even realize we had them in until days later.


  • HOW IT WORKS: Snore Reliever has been scientifically designed to STOP SNORING and PREVENT SLEEP APNEA, by MAXIMIZING AIRFLOW through the nasal passages. You will FEEL the difference RIGHT AWAY!!!
  • SAFE, SOFT and COMFORTABLE to wear: Made with BPA Free and FDA Approved medical grade silicone
  • CUSTOM FIT: This premium set includes 6 nasal dilators with 2 different designs and 4 different sizes to ensure a secure fit in any nasal passages. FREE Travel Case Included!
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply insert the Snore Reliever into your nostrils and have a perfect night’s sleep in silence.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 Days Money back Guarantee with Hassle free money back policy

To score yours click the link below and just take a gander at the reviews! Stellar!

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