Furbabies 15 ft retractable dog leash review

Furbabies 15 foot retractable dog leash is very durable and not to mention helpful. It’s lightweight, sturdy and feels extremely well made. A leash made for small/medium sized dogs up to 50lbs.



  • Let freedom ring! (almost)…This thing can go up to 15 ft…but we advise not letting your little bundle of joy go beyond 8 ft though, less chance of something bad happening that way 🙂
  • Where there is light…If the only time you can walk your little furbaby is really early or late at night, our removeable flashlight can help you out with that! Afraid them batteries are not included. This LED beast will need 3 AAA batteries to light your way!
  • Keep your neighbors happy!..Why dogs don’t feel shame in going to the bathroom wherever they want? This, I don’t know, but the attached bag dispenser is a handy tool when they do!
  • Free Stuff!…Consider the first 20 poop pickups on us! We included 20 free bags to get you started, your little one will have to supply the poops 🙂
  • More freebies for your furbabies!…Includes our popular e-book, “Use your words, Doggie.”- The three essential things your dog is trying to tell you!

I did receive this in exchange for my honest review and was not compensated. To score yours or just to read the reviews click the link below:


Check out my personal video review here:


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