PinPix Cork Bulletin Board!!

PinPix makes a really AWESOME bulletin board! You have to check it out!!! Made from self healing canvas in a quatrefoil pattern. Six different sizes and seven different colors! This picture bulletin board is made from cork and boasts high quality because of how flawless it is! Up close and personal with this item you can really see how amazing it is.



  • PinPix is a patent-pending canvas bulletin board created with self-healing technology that minimizes any wear and tear when pricked.
  • PinPix boards are made from high quality canvas with beautiful designs you will be proud to display anywhere in your home.
  • Prick the canvas with a pin to display a recipe, photo, note or clipping.
  • Remove the pin and within the space of 48 hours this hole will partially repair itself due to the self-healing quality of the canvas!
  • You can use it again and again, yet your PinPix board will continue to retain most of it’s original quality and appearance!

Check out my video showing the product in my home:


I really love the quality that shows from this product. Honest made products are hard to come by and this one radiates luxury. I’ve never had such a high quality cork board before and now I cannot get enough of mine. If you’ve seen any of my reviews before you can see I NEVER blow smoke when it comes to product reviews, if they suck they suck and if they rock they get much praise! This one is at the top of my list of amazingly great made products. Well done PinPix! #BulletinBoard.


I did receive mine in exchange for an HONEST UNBIASED review and that’s exactly what you got. GREATTTTTTT PRODUCTTTTTT!!!!!! (I’m screaming this and giving thumbs up!)



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