TestRX Herbal Testosterone Booster

***I received this product at a highly discounted rate for an honest unbiased review and I was not compensated.***

When I received the product I noticed that the bottle was marked up, dirty, it had nasty markings and stuff all over it which really turned me off to begin with. It had a big white sticker over the “Other Ingredients” which read: Gelatin, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Stearate. So what is this stuff? Calcium Carbonate is a white insoluble substance found in chalk, limestone, marble and mollusk shells. Gelatin is a colorless tasteless water soluble protein prepared from collagen and used in food prep as a basis of jellies and glue. Magnesium Stearate is a chalk like substance which prevents supplements from sticking together. It’s basically an additive that allows it to be machine ran faster during manufacturing and it saves on cost. It is not a source of magnesium and it has NO BENEFITS! It may have detrimental effects on your immune function according to my own personal research around many credible websites. (I research EVERYTHING before it goes into my body or my families, I take this seriously people!) The Magnesium Stearate suppresses your T-Cells and creates a biofilm in your gut. This prevents proper absorption of nutrients in your digestive tract. Sounds bad right? It’s hazardous and if you do a little Googling of that ingredient you’re going to see that you need to steer clear of it!
With all that my husband did take this for a week. He had an increase in energy but not much. It didn’t make him cranky or do anything else to him that we can physically or mentally know of.
The cap when opened for the first time had a ton of brown watery stuff all over the inside! WHAT? So the bottle was gross and the lid was even more yucky! We inspected each and every pill to make sure there was no mold or defections before he started to take them. I mean come on!!! The bottle and INSIDE of the lid was so disgusting I don’t even know why we went forward with this product. At this point I’m tossing this in the trash. There are WAY better products out there than this and much cleaner!

If you still want to check the product out after all of that go here:

http://amzn.to/1W6jMZk #TestRX

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