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Baby Car Mirror Bundle


The Yes Baby Manufacture is satisfying everything new parents need, to make their life and their baby’s life more comfortable. We believe TIME is the one and only resource we can never recover, no matter how hard we all try, so by bringing you these well-thought products, we are giving you more time to spend together with your loved ones, such as we, as a family, do. All the products we are working on will put safety first and at the same time, keep value for your money and reliability. We present to you the best improvements that we made especially for your baby! •STRONG and RELIABLE MATERIAL: Our PREMIUM baby mirror is made from the latest generation of BPA-Free REINFORCED ABS polymer plastic, providing long-lasting service which holds the mirror in her place • THE BEST CHOICE – Multiple attachment options! • NO NOISES IN YOUR CAR – The ball-joint mechanism is tight and he doesn’t cause shakiness. • ADJUSTABLE – You can adjust the back seat mirror to any desired angle to see your baby. • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED and very simple to install, only unpack the mirror from the gift box, strap it to the headrest, and enjoy tossing your angel smile. • THE LARGEST – The Yes Baby Car Mirror is providing you a Large View without needing to readjust all the time you want to see your baby. • THE CLEAREST – The reflection is the clearest and not distorted. • PERFECT PRESENT – It is the perfect GIFT for your family and friends, from moms to coworker, animal lovers and perfect parents who love their precious. BECAUSE YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST QUALITY, purchase our Premium Baby Car Mirror NOW!

So, in my own personal opinion: This product rocks! I’ve not ever seen a mirror so large and easy to assemble. It’s a breeze! No marks, scrapes or flaws on this thing at all! I would be so excited to get or give this as a gift. Inside the box everything was wrapped up nicely and I got utensils for my little one and a Baby on Board sign! Everything crystal clear and clean looking. The quality is definitely there. To score yours or just to read the reviews click the link below. To go to the product website please click the link under that one.



Got Me Tipsy — Go AWAY!

Haha! This 13 oz. coffee mug is a trip! I absolutely LOVE #GotMeTipsy mugs. They are always so much fun! We have a ton of them and we always get the best looks and compliments! They are pretty thick mugs and I never have any problems microwaving them or placing very hot coffee/water in them. I even dropped one onto my hardwood floor and it didn’t crack!



  • MAKE A STATEMENT – Tell everyone to “Go Away” until after you’ve had your cup of coffee. Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet until you’re ready to start the day with this large 13oz Microwave & Dishwasher safe glass mug.
  • A GIFT THEY’LL LOVE – Imagine the look on their face when they open the gift box and find their new favorite coffee mug. They’ll know you put in the extra effort to find something WAY better than a typical cheap ceramic mug. A perfect gift for both men and women.
  • HIGH QUALITY – This perfectly sized 13 oz glass mug is made in the USA. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, with text printed on both sides. The custom imprinted text is guaranteed to last. The unique & funny text is bright white and can be seen from afar. This mug is nicely oversized and great for travel too..
  • SPECIAL OCCASIONS – This clear glass mug is a cool gift idea for a coffee or tea lover. Great for Mom on Mother’s Day! It’s one of the best gifts for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, Mom or Dad. Perfect for him or her on their birthday or even as a humorous gift for your brother or sister. A sarcasm infused gag gift for your boss or coworkers who don’t like being disturbed at the office. Have a son or daughter who loves coffee? The kids will appreciate your sense of humor.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Check out all of the great reviews below to see what others think of this mug. Simply the best novelty mug on Amazon. We guarantee your satisfaction.

So if you want to check out more reviews and score a mug or two for yourself or as a fun gift then click the link below! Trust me you’ll be impressed with the quality!


Mini iPhone Fan by Smartphone-fan

Oh goodness! I have a lot of fun with my fan. It’s so cute and really provides a nice steady stream of air without draining your battery! I go to a lot of outdoor events and with it being an extremely hot 90+ degree summer this is nice to have! It’s so small you can shove it anywhere, it even comes apart for more compact storage! Pop it into the phone and woolah you have AIR!! People are so impressed that your phone is providing you with air that you get a lot of comments and questions so be prepared! They don’t just make this for everything Apple (iPad, iPhone, Apple computer, iPod, etc) they make it for Android too! Check it out here:



  • STAY COOL – Our Mini iPhone Fan is the perfect answer when you are hot and need cool air blowing on your face while on your smartphone. With the dimensions of approximately 3.5-by-1.6-by-1.6 inches, it is a small and compact device that can be hooked to any iPhone or Apple product or Lightning Cable with its built-in 8 Pin Lightning connector.
  • TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCE: Although the fan is small, compact, and weighs about an ounce, its motor speed can reach 16000 RPM, has a 5v voltage and 80 MA current, and can run continuously for over 100 hours without recharging.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL – With its body made hard TPE plastic, the cooling unit has two soft plastic rotating blades that are each X inches long, providing enough air movement to cool you down. With no cords or cables to deal with, it gets plugged into any iPhone/Apple electronic with its 8 pin Lightning connector.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We at Smartphone-fan stand behind our products with a 100% LIFETIME money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please contact us to rectify the issue immediately.
  • SEVERAL COLOR OPTIONS- The fan is available in six color choices: Black, Blue, Green, Orange,Pink, and White.

Check out my product showing here:


Isn’t it so much fun! Go ahead and click on the link above to score you own. They make fun gifts too. #smartphonfan



Glise Swim Goggles with Swimming Cap



  • THE COMPLETE SET FOR SWIMMING FUN: Besides The Great Goggles, you get a premium quality swimming cap, a must have pair of earplugs and a carrying case for maximum portability!
  • MAKE SWIMMING AS COMFY AS IT CAN GET: Employing our High Quality Silicone Strap with the Quick-Fit Buckle mechanism, keeps the goggles in place in the best possible manner. Plus the 3 Interchangeable Nose Bridge Pieces make our goggles a perfect fit for any face!
  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR EYES: Our lenses were created with the most advanced technology available to create the perfect swimming Lens! Anti-Fog tech, 180° Wide-Vision capability and a 100% UV Protective-Mirrored Lenses that ensure the best visibility possible both inside and outside of water.
  • 100% WATEPROOF: Our premium quality silicone is highly flexible, creating a waterproof seal around your eyes that makes for the best swimming experience you ever had!
  • THE BEST, RISK-FREE DEAL AVAILABLE: We are so sure that you’ll love our product that we offer you a 12 Month Guarantee in case you are not satisfied! Plus An Expansion Option To 24 Months! So click ”ADD TO CART” while you can and Enjoy the best swimming experience possible with GLISE!

These are by far the BEST pair of swim goggle and cap I’ve come across this year. We blow right through sets like this and practically live at the beach or local pools all Summer long. In the last 2 months I’ve seen 7 more expensive sets come and go. Everything is extremely nice. It comes in a very nice pull out box and it all looks quite expensive. I’m so happy that is it in fact so INEXPENSIVE! I only downgraded a star on Amazon because on the white cap there was a long brown mark that I couldn’t get clean and it had a few other markings on it here and there around the back. When I get an item I really want it to look new with no flaws. Other than that brown mark there is nothing wrong with it. It’s holding up great in the 2 weeks we’ve been using the set and it looks very nice.

To read the reviews and score one for yourself click here:




Product Details via Amazon


  • Sports safety eyewear glasses sunglasses holder eyeglasses neck cord string retainer strap has comfortable polyester braided cord, long lasting and fashion.
  • keeps your glasses secure around your neck , allowing sunglasses to be comfortably hung on your chest, or rest on top of your head.
  • Adjustable toggle on cords ensures that straps will not easily fall off and are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes.
  • Never lose your glasses agin with this quality retainer;Does not soak up sweat, get dirty, stink or fray; Ideal for fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, snowmobiling or just enjoying the great outdoors。
  • Convenient 6 pack (No need to switch between frames). Fits many different kinds and brands of eyewear.

These are incredibly soft and durable. The adjustable rope is a nice size and it secures to the end of even the smallest arms of any glasses/sunglasses. There just isn’t much to say about these. They come in black and they hug your glasses arms perfectly. =) LOVE MINE!

If you want to score a 6 pack of your own click here:   #Onme



Monsterland Book

Okay so no review I could ever do would do this book justice. I’m obviously a part time writer with limited skills and a small word base lol. BUT this book is written extremely well. I love mysteries and horror books! I usually prefer the teen scares and this is right up the alley of R.L. Stein which I LOVE! I’m such the author Michael Phillip Cash might get annoyed at the comparison of him and Mr. Stein but he should be flattered, I loved those books! I won’t ruin his book by trying to describe it, read below and then make sure you click the Amazon link at the end and check out the reviews there. THEN score your own! I’ve read many books by Mr. Cash and I’m never disappointed and neither are my daughters. We just simply love him.


Welcome to Monsterland – the scariest place on Earth. All guests can interact with real vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by an actual werewolf on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville. Wyatt Baldwin, a high school student and life-long movie buff is staring bleakly at a future of flipping burgers. Due to a fortuitous circumstance, Wyatt and his friends are invited to the star-studded opening of Monsterland. In a theme park full of real vampires, werewolves and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?

Editorial Reviews

“The adventure ramps up to an enjoyably gore-soaked finale. A signature Cash creation, full of both mayhem and heart.” – Kirkus Reviews
“In this novel written for fans of the dystopian-horror genre, Cash delivers a gripping story with a Jurassic Park vibe…On the surface, Cash’s novel appears to be written for pure amusement;however, he manages to explore social and political structures that make the unbelievable story of a theme park where one can walk among the zombies and be chased by werewolves, feel fairly believable.” – Bianca Schulze, Book Reviewer 
“As much fun as Monsterland is, Cash peppers the narrative with real-life significance….Cash is a talented and clever enough writer to imbue his characters with real emotion…It is this deepening of the plot that elevates Monsterland above standard monster fare. The novel will prove an entertaining and thought-provoking read for both teenagers and adults.” – Scott Neuffer, Foreword Reviews
“…Monsterland an intriguing read,one that provides a solid narrative, intriguing characters capable of growth and change, an ideal setting as a backdrop, and an under pinning of fervent social consciousness transformed into a story.” – Michael Collings, Collingnotes
“This is Cash’s best book yet and in my opinion belongs right up there with the modern great of horror writing, Stephen King.Anyone who enjoys well written, fast paced, complex horror stories with authentic detail should read this book.” – Lemon Bee Book and Blog 
“I enjoyed the book right from the first line right till the very last one. The overlapping of the paranormal and horror genres is commendable because, despite my initial reservations, the author managed to woo me with his amazing story and its execution. It is a job well done on the author’s part.” –  Heena P.,  Goodreads
“Hop aboard the mystery train with Michael Phillip Cash, once again as he may have just created his creepiest, bloodiest and best tale yet. Dark, dangerous and certainly gory, Michael Phillip Cash’s latest tale is, from start to finish a complete word magnet as he builds each scene, colors in his characters in shades of everything from weird to naïve to downright deadly and sets them free tell their tale” – Tome Tender


Got Me Tipsy Favorite Child Mug



  • LOOKING FOR A GIFT? – Let’s face it, everyone knows you’re the favorite child. This is simply a nice little reminder. Watch your brother or sister turn red as you give your Mom or Dad their new favorite mug. The best part is, this glass mug is unique from all of the others, so it will always stand out and become a favorite mug for years to come. Microwave AND dishwasher safe.
  • A GIFT THEY’LL LOVE – Imagine the look on their face when they open the gift box and find their new favorite coffee mug. They’ll know you put in the extra effort to find something WAY better than a typical cheap ceramic mug. A perfect gift for both men and women.
  • HIGH QUALITY – This perfectly sized 13 oz glass mug is made in the USA. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, with text printed on both sides. The custom imprinted text is guaranteed to last. The unique & funny text is bright white and can be seen from afar. This mug is nicely oversized and great for travel too..
  • SPECIAL OCCASIONS – This clear glass mug is a cool gift idea for a coffee or tea lover. Great for Mom on Mother’s Day! It’s one of the best funny gifts for Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa and your son or daughter. Perfect for him or her on their birthday or even as a humorous gift for your brother or sister. Have a son or daughter who loves coffee? The kids will appreciate your sense of humor.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Check out all of the great reviews below to see what others think of this mug. Simply the best novelty mug on Amazon. We guarantee your satisfaction.

I absolutely LOVE Got Me Tipsy mugs! This one says I love how we all know that I’m your favorite child. This one went straight into the hands of my oldest daughter Hannah. She loves to sign everything from: Your Favorite Daughter! Haha! It annoys the other 2 of my kids but it’s kind of funny. I of course do not have a favorite, if I did I couldn’t say…lol. But the mug itself is constructed very nice. It’s not too heavy but the glass is thick and very fresh and clean looking. When you look at it the writing looks perfect, the glass flawless and I just WANT to use it because it looks so nice. I don’t use it though, my daughter does. I use the “No Coffee, No Workee” mug and it gets some laughs! They have so many with fun sayings on them. Check them out at the link below. They come in really nice big gift boxes as well with fun labels on the outside. You just feel like you’re getting a real quality item. #FathersDay


Bright Outdoors Solar Magnetic Work Light

Product Description via Amazon:

Join the solar revolution and brighten the outdoors night

If you love the outdoors like we do, you’ll want to avoid the hassles of batteries and cables. This is a simple, elegant and durable lantern that recharges during the day to light up the night. Simply leave it to capture the sun’s rays for up to 6 hours of light.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose
Looking for the solar lantern that can do it all? Go from yachts to backyard soirees to campsites and everything in between. Use the white lantern to illuminate the campsite, porch or your house during power outages. Switch to the 7 colour cycling mode for mood lighting on the dance floor, garden or pool party.

Waterproof, Compact and Lightweight
The incredible design of this lantern creates bright light from a base that is only ½” thick. When the light is deflated, it is only 1″ tall and 5″ wide, so is easily stored in a bugout bag, glove compartment or just about anywhere! Weighing just 4 oz, it is almost unnoticeable when hung off a backpack or hiking bag. When the weather turns bad, this little lantern comes into its own, being able to withstand any rain, even functioning underwater!

Remote Control
This handy feature means you can turn off your tent or campsite light from the comfort of your bed. With the press of one button, you can instantly change the settings on all your pool party lights, porch light or garden lanterns.

Full Bright Outdoors Warranty
If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase simply let us know and you’ll be offered a full refund or replacement, no questions asked.

So my first real use other than getting this out of the box and playing around with it was last night! It couldn’t have come at a better time than before a review right? I live in Ohio and horrible storms rolled through with 80 mph winds knocking our power straight out. So with 3 kids scrambling and scared of the dark this was so easy to find and click on and stick right on the metal of the ceiling fan. A small sliver of metal and the work light stuck on it without moving. It was a savior! My son is 9 and he is still leery of the dark sometimes. We all fell asleep with it on low and when we woke up 5 hours later it was still on. I reached up, clicked it a few times and it went back in the box. It’s nifty and very handy! It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy at all. It’s a nice size and it really sticks onto things with the magnetic surface. I will purchase a few more and throw one in my backpack for camping and put another one in my sons room for emergencies.

To read the reviews and purchase one for yourself click the links below:


Valentia Skin Care Vitamin C Serum

This comes in an extremely nice glass bottle with medium sized black and clear glass dropper. I’ve never seen Vit.C serum this milky, thick and yellow colored before. It was a little gross at first. No nasty smell or anything but the texture and color was surprising. I’ve had 2 other brands in the past and it’s always been clear and thinner. This goes on the same as the other 2 I’ve had and works well. I put it on my face, around my eyes and on the tops of my feet and hands around my wrists. It makes my skin look very nice and smooths away the redness and leaves my skin feeling cool and nice. I really enjoy vit.c serum and I have for a few years. This one just looks milky weird but it works just the same.


  • Superior ingredients include: organic rosehip oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, green tea extract, botanical hyaluronic acid, and resistem (plant stem cells)
  • Smooth skin capable of reflecting light will give your skin a youthful glow and a brilliant shine for that well-rested and refreshed look. Advanced Plant Stem Cells Natural & Organic Ingredients Includes Organic Rosehip Oil & Sea Buckthorn Oil.
  • Luxurious smell + all day hydration – experience the most addictive vitamin C serum on the market today
  • Reduces wrinkles & fine lines: special ingredients like hyaluronic acid and organic sea buckthorn oil work to plump up the skin
  • Enjoy smooth and supple skin that takes years off your face

Check out my brief showing here:



To score yours click the link below: #VitaminCSerum


Waist Trimmer Belt



  • PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS – The waist trimmer is the best fitness equipment for abs. You can use it for all kinds of Work Out, whether you want to go for a Run, a Walk, do Yoga or go Cycling you can now maximize your burn and lose that belly fat fast by preserving body heat and removing excess water weight especially in your abdominal area. It is like MOBILE SAUNA FOR YOUR WAIST – Burn your stomach fat faster and maximize calorie burn during exercise with the waist trainer belt.
  • A “TUMMY TUCK” WITHOUT THE PRICE TAG! Give yourself a “tummy tuck” without the expensive cost of surgery! After all, you’ll need new clothes for the new slimmer body you’ll want to show off! NeoProMedical stomach trimmer perfectly tight around your waist to generate and trap heat that targets cellulite and increases blood flow. Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support. Comfortable, light-weight, stretchy fabric stays in place while exercising.
  • IT’S THE “SLIMMING BELT” THAT REALLY WORKS! Read our customer testimonials below to see how well this belt has worked for others! You’ll be impressed. STRONG CORE – stabilizes your entire body. Surely more than the flat belly or six-pack abs, you aim for a strong core that offers better balance, easier breathing, improved circulation and a healthy posture.BACK SUPPORT – You will get a tummy tuck, the waist trimmer ab belt provides compression to support your lower back and abdominal muscles.
  • EXTRA LONG & WIDE – Wearing an NeoProMedical neoprene waist trimmer, you will immediately notice improved posture as it strengthens your lower back muscles and supports your stance as well as heating and soothing back muscles. The waist trimmer belt is totally adjustable, making wearing it comfortable and effective. COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT-WEIGHT. One Size fits Most, this high-quality waist trimmer ab belt can fit up to 42 inches.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION! If this isn’t the best fat-reducing “tummy tuck” belt you’ve ever purchased or tried, just send it back for a COMPLETE refund of every penny you paid! We want you to be HAPPY with your new body! Every aspect of the waist trimmers have been researched to ensure a high quality product that delivers effective, long lasting results. Made with a strong velcro plus it’s easy care hand washable material.

This slimming belt is far better than the ones I’m used to. I started off with a bright purple Curves waist belt for slimming and it was horrible and so uncomfortable. Then I had a few off brands and now I’ve finally found one that fits great and doesn’t feel itchy or too large.

To check this out click here:



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