Fitness Power Flex Yoga Pants

Yoga pants! Now as females we’ve all owned a pair or two that just rub us the wrong way. OR they get stuck up your rear and you’re CONSTANTLY adjusting and trying to pick your undies out of God knows where! Embarrassing! These are different! They come in so many different colors/sizes and styles! Want full length pants/leggings or capris? Take your pick of these awesome colors. I have the full length ombre grey color and I really love mine. I’m more of a plain Jane and the grey bottom fading into a darker black top is great. They stretch and fit really well and they have a thick band at the top you can fold up or down. I am a 155 lb 5’7 female and I have long fairly skinny legs on an apple shaped body. UGH! The mediums fit me perfectly but they are snug. That doesn’t mean uncomfortable, they have the utmost comfort and I’m not blowing smoke there, they are soft and really nice. I’m actually wearing them right now in 83 degree heat and I really do not want to go take them off I’m loving them so much. They wash up great, I do normal wash and they didn’t fade the 2 times I’ve washed them nor have they shrunk yet. If they haven’t by now they won’t most likely.

They don’t have a product description or details to list on Amazon. So go here and check out the nearly perfect reviews and grab a pair for yourself! They’re 100% worth it!


I did receive mine in exchange for an honest unbiased review and I was not compensated. That absolutely DOES NOT change my opinion in the slightest, I do NOT cater to companies to get free stuff. Only honest reviews 100% of the time. Thanks for reading.

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