TORO.TM Mandoline Slicer



  • KICKSTART HEALTHY EATING: Slice, cut and enjoy fruits, vegetables and cheeses quickly and efficiently with our versatile food slicer. Safer and more convenient than a standard kitchen knife, your whole family will love it.
  • DELICIOUSLY FUN FOOD STYLES: Kids might be picky eaters, but thanks to our professional slicer/grater with Julienne blades, you can create unique French fries, zest Key Lime Pie, or fruit salads or vegetables trays they’ll actually eat.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Each TORO.TM Mandoline Food Slicer comes with a finger guard to give you more stability control over slicing and cutting, and to protect your hands and fingers by keeping them away from the stainless steel blades.
  • GREAT BONUS ADDITIONS: Orders not only come with the slicer complete with five cutting blades, a storage rack and a hand guard, but also a premium vegetable peeler and a recipe EBook with 50 amazing recipes!
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEE: When you want high-quality kitchen products and a brand dedicated to providing you superior customer service, you choose TORO.TM. We back each order with a 100% money back guarantee you can trust.


My husband and I LOVE to cook. We have a big kitchen and we love to move around a lot and use a lot of different gadgets. We also use a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Someone had gifted us an $89.00 Mandoline slicer in 2003 and finally in 2016 at the beginning of the year the base broke and it was gone. It was a horrible tragedy. We loved it so much! So when I had the opportunity to review this one from TORO.TM I was kind of excited since I’d been without one since February. When it came I was not rushed getting it out of the box and trying it, I didn’t really care. It looked cheap. Yes it retails for $26.67 on Amazon but it looked cheap in the box so whatever. A few days go by and I needed to cut up some onions for some steaks. I had my husband get it out, put it together and he started away. It worked great, with ease! It surpassed all my expectations which weren’t very high. It was durable, a wonderful color and had many blades come with it. We like to use the very thin one and cut apple slices for our kids. The peeler looks generic and plastic but it worked better than ANY expensive peeler I’ve ever owned! Yeah it was THAT good! I want to use some expletives here to show how amazed I was but I won’t, PG-13. It really is nice! So looks are deceiving and this Mandoline slicer really is a diamond in the rough.

Check out my husband slicing a really big difficult apple. Hehe. These apples are way too hard but with this nifty slicer it worked great. It Julienne’s and food processes or whatever you want to do. LOVE IT!


To score yours click the link or just read the reviews, they rock! #TOROSlicer


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