Pro Kitchen Watermelon slicer


  • Watermelon slicer corer It is perfect for cutting pieces of watermelons and melons and to serve without problem.
  • ✔Melon baller cutter Make small balls of fruit, vegetable with his scoop. It is the best tool to decorate your food and Desserts. Works with pineapple
  • ✔The Melon baller has a small sharp carving knife designed to create and carve beautiful figures with all kinds of fruits
  • ✔With these two cookware you have 4 options, cut, decorate, make balls and serve. It is a multi purpose tool. That will allow you to surprise your family and guests.
  • ✔Warranty! 100% Guarantee on this product. Wash each utensil and gadgets with water after use. It comes with a PVC protection on their handles for comfort and safety.

The slicer is visually very nice, it looks so professional and great. The melon baller and corer are extremely nice. The corer is extremely sharp and hard to store so keep that box! The slicer doesn’t pull through all the way sometimes unless you really pull hard and it’s not as flexible as others I’ve had. Priced at $10.00 on Amazon and quite a deal for the duo. 
To score yours or to read the great reviews click here:


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