Detangling Hair Brush

Detangling Hair Brush.Detangle Hair Easily With No Pain – Good For Wet Or Dry Hair – Adults & Kids – (Blue)


  • STOP RiPPING OUT HAIR WHILE BRUSHING! The Amazing Hair Brush detangles and smooths all while preventing hair loss!
  • PAINLESS BRISTLES GENTLY MASSAGE YOUR SCALP leading to an increase of circulation which may lead to an increase of hair growth!
  • With a MIRROR ON THE BACK you will never experience a bad hair day while out and about again!
  • DESIGNED WITH ALL HAIR TYPED IN MIND! Perfect for both wet and dry!
  • THE SOFT, EXTRA GRIP, FROSTED RUBBER GASKET makes for brushing your hair in the shower a breeze! Never again do you have to struggle to keep a hold on a hair brush! The extra grip makes it perfect for all ages!

This is such a cute brush! The bristles are all crazy and spread out and the mirror on the back is large and secure. The colors are so bright and vibrant. My teenage girls have wavy thick hair and it’s very long. They hate washing and drying their hair only to have it thick, frizzy and tangled to high heaven! The more saturated with water the hair is the easier it goes through. It goes through dry hair with ease as well but does pull a tiny bit and doesn’t hurt. My girls fight over who’s going to use this brush because It’s so cute! To score yours or just to read the stellar reviews click the link below! #SHSH


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