Top Rated Garden Hose Holder



  • HEAVY DUTY METAL: – garDspo garden hose holder is made from heavy duty metal, which you know will last a lifetime.
  • PERFECT DESIGN: – This water hose holder is designed to hold the garden hose/expandable hose/flexible hose/expanding hose, in such a way that ensures no kinks, twist or tangles.
  • EASY FIT: – garDspo hose holders can be hooked over outdoor spigot making the hose easily accessible all times.
  • NO ASSEMBLY: – These garden hose holders are ready to use out of the box. No assembly or fittings required.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: – Comes with unmatched lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects

Very nice giant hose holder that feels very sturdy and solid. Place it over your outdoor spigot or drill a bolt right into your outdoor wall. I use mine in the garage to hold most of my longer 150 expandable hoses so they aren’t stolen. Looks great! Would definitely buy another one if I had to.

Check it out here




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