I Max Ceramide-Post Chemical Peel-Soothing and Moisturizing Cream



  • Ceramide in this cream is a natural component which is found in all four layers of the human skin. This acts as a protective layer guarding the skin against infections and retaining moisture on the skin which can result in reduction of dermatitis, dry skin, eczema and wrinkles. With age, the ceramide decreases leading to wrinkles, dry, patchy and sagging skin.
  • Anti-Irritating and Skin Moisturizing Ceramides Cream This cream is excellent for the regular, dry and extra sensitive skin to reduce wrinkles and lines as a daily routine wrinkle care and also great during or after chemical peel.
  • Complications from Chemical Peels: Note that complications associated with using a chemical peel product may be immediate or belated. These may be skin burning, irritation, pains, redness, swelling, dryness and flaking. Benefit of Post Chemical Peel Products: Using this cream as Post Chemical Peel cream before, during and after Chemical Peels is to ensure a safer procedure of chemical peels with less complications.
  • How do we use post chemical peel serums and creams? After you finish the chemical peel as instructed and towel dry, apply this post chemical peel cream generously and let stay day long or overnight.
  • Excellent for daily Routine: This cream is also excellent for extra sensitive or dry skin for a daily routine since it is formulated for the skin undergoing chemical peel procedure which causes the skin extremely sensitive and dry. MaxLife USA, Inc offers serums and creams types of post chemical products, which are very effective to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin before, during and after Chemical Peels. These are Ceramide cream/serum, Collagen cream/serum, Beta Glucan cream, Albumin serum and EGF serum.

Okay so my personal experience with the cream is a positive one. I put my skin through a lot of problems. Sun problems mostly and after a good burn I always peel and my skin gets incredibly dry! This is a savior! Apply when you notice you have had too much sun and woolah! You’re going to be moist and not in as much pain with the burn. It’s a really great after sun cream. I apply twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling soooo silky smooth and nice. The I-Max line is great. This is my third product and I’m never disappointed. Check it out here:





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