MeasuPro Nursery Safety Thermometer

Product Details via Amazon:

  • SAFTEY FIRST – Temperature is critical in a baby room. Know instantly if your baby’s nursery is at a safe room temperature by glancing at the color of the thermometer. Color immediately changes according to the temperature in child’s room or baby nursery. Blue for 57.2°F or less, Green for 59°F-68°F, Orange for 69.8°F – 78.8°F and red for temperatures greater than 80.6°F
  • RECHARGEABLE – Easily charge room thermometer with rechargeable lithium battery, no need to spend time and money buying batteries. Room thermometer comes with a micro USB charger and outlet plug
  • PERFECT OF CHILDREN – Stylishly designed from soft materials, thermometer is sure to look great in any bedroom or nursery while being safe for baby. Monitor displays temperature on a large, easy to read backlit LCD screen. Temperature range is 32°F – 122°F
  • DUAL USES – Room thermometer doubles as a baby night light lamp and provides a soft glow helping to sooth little ones to sleep while giving off enough light for parents to move safely around the room. Nursery light stays cool to touch making it perfectly safe for baby or child
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – MeasuPro is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a 2 Year Warranty on all our products and our friendly customer service team is always ready to help with all questions or issues. When you purchase a MeasuPro thermometer you can be confident in your buying decision

This is so cool! It comes with a cord that you just pop into the outlet and charge it up. Take off the cord and you’re good to go! You push the top and it will light up whichever color depending on your temperature: Blue for 57.2°F or less, Green for 59°F-68°F, Orange for 69.8°F – 78.8°F and red for temperatures greater than 80.6°F. If you want the color off you just tap the top and woolah it’s off! Totally portable. My kids carry this around everywhere at night. I use this just generally in my home, not for a nursery. It’s very hand and I can always see what the temperature is. You can take it outside, put it in your car, take it to the beach, Grandma’s house, WHEREVER!! Plug it back in after a few days and it’s charged again after about 45 minutes. It’s so easy and it comes in a really nice box.

You can check it out here:


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