Product Details via Amazon


  • Sports safety eyewear glasses sunglasses holder eyeglasses neck cord string retainer strap has comfortable polyester braided cord, long lasting and fashion.
  • keeps your glasses secure around your neck , allowing sunglasses to be comfortably hung on your chest, or rest on top of your head.
  • Adjustable toggle on cords ensures that straps will not easily fall off and are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes.
  • Never lose your glasses agin with this quality retainer;Does not soak up sweat, get dirty, stink or fray; Ideal for fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, snowmobiling or just enjoying the great outdoors。
  • Convenient 6 pack (No need to switch between frames). Fits many different kinds and brands of eyewear.

These are incredibly soft and durable. The adjustable rope is a nice size and it secures to the end of even the smallest arms of any glasses/sunglasses. There just isn’t much to say about these. They come in black and they hug your glasses arms perfectly. =) LOVE MINE!

If you want to score a 6 pack of your own click here:

http://www.amztk.com/eyewearretainers   #Onme



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