9 Piece Bra Strap Clips



  • Eliminate the hassle of falling bra straps, and discretely transform any bra easily and comfortably
  • The versatility allows you to transform your old bra into a fun new racer back, miracle bra, or support bra. Add up to one full cup size in a matter of seconds, and look stunning in your favorite outfit!
  • Easily adjusts to fit any height, and the clips will keep bra straps in place and well-hidden. Clips on to your bikini top for a fuller, sexier look.
  • Provides additional lift and support to give the appearance of a fuller bust line. The ergonomic design relieves discomfort and keeps those pesky bra straps from digging into your shoulders.
  • 3 clips each, in traditional White, Black, and Beige colors, for a total of 9 clips

These are a super easy fix to those pesky showing bra straps when you want to look cute in smaller strapped shirts. Even tube tops where you have to wear a bra make your straps look classier with one of these popped on the back. I have 2 daughters and having 9 of these total is great! 3 Different colors in white, black and beige. I place these in the bathroom in the cabinet and we grab the color we need and put them back when we’re done and we’ll never run out. So easy to pop on and off. Use them over and over again. Wondering what they look like and want to read some stellar reviews? Click below:





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