Richest Pacifier Clip Set

Product Description

Color: Mysterious Space

What makes BoeChloe’s pacifier holders set so unique?

The richest set you can find contains:
3 Creative Design Pacifier Clips. Well studied design with a lot of details. Babies love details. Want to bet babies can easily overlook an elephant for an ant? More, this 2 sided design can boost imagination. Also yours. With babies you need a lot of it.
Pacifier carrying box – FREE. You always need a spare pacifier on the go. Why not carry it in a nice, robust and reliable box.
Great tip for parents and others involved in baby care. It is simply too important. Just place it in a visible place.
• All above is packed in: Classy, magnetic closure, multipurpose packaging. For years to come, you will be able to store, for example your baby’s jewelry or other similar things. For your safety and comfort, box is sealed.

Very important! YOU WILL PRODUCE NO WASTE WITH THIS PRODUCT: All content of this Pacifier holder set is usable. No thing to dispose. You should be proud buying products with no bad impact to environment. All parts are recyclable after use.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. You don’t need to worry about your investment. Your money is safe and well spent. If you’re not perfectly satisfied, send your feedback and we’ll do whatever to make it right.

What’s Included:
3 Creative Design Pacifier Clips
Pacifier storage box
Classy, magnetic closure box
First class customer support

This is such a stylish beautiful clip set. For the low price of $12.00 you get a very fancy informational box with $5.00 off code inside. 3 Space themed pacifier clips each with a different colored clip end. The pacifier storage box is so nice, durable and has a large handle. LOVE and would feel great giving this as a gift as it looks like it’s worth quite a bit of money for the whole set.

To read those stellar reviews and then to order one of your own click here:



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