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Leader Accessories Car Seat Cover



  • Waterproof Car Seat Cover Pet Protections Fit Yoga Running Beach Gym Fitness Athletes Neoprene
  • Extra comfort foam offer a extreme driving experience,Easy installation and clean up.
  • Ultimate Protect your car seat from pets hair ,dust, etc
  • Anti slip designs to keep you covers stay in the seat
  • Ultimate Neoprene fabric to offer anti-scratch and waterproof protections


It was hard trying to get a good angle on this seat cover this morning (You can see in the video below). It does feel very comfortable. Slides over the top and kind of tucks into the seat middle and hangs loose on the sides. It’s not bad, decent. Fits in my Town& Country just fine. When I get in & out of my vehicle it stays in place, no sliding. Easy to wipe off/clean and is waterproof. My only problem is that after the sun beats down on it for over half hour it gets very hot since it’s black.

Check out my brief video.





Premium Backseat Organizer for Kids



Do you always have a hard time keeping your kids quiet and busy during the drives from school or during family vacation tours?

And are you looking for a comfortable, convenient, durable, easy-to-install, easy-to-use and lightweight backseat organizer for keeping the little hands busy?

If so, the Tidy Ridey kids backseat organizer is a perfect accessory for your car.

Magnificently designed to suit the needs of every kid, the Tidy Ridey backseat protector is larger than any other backseat organizer for kids in the market, with a height of 65cm compared to 52cm for other brands. Therefore, this backseat protector offers more space for carrying more items both for you and your kid. Furnished with gray and white chevron lining (piping), Tidy Ridy kids accessories look luxurious in all cars. Similarly, the organizers come with reinforced straps for enduring strength, and extra-long adjustable top and bottom straps for a perfect fit in most modern vehicles. Moreover, the spot clean backseat protector is made from durable cloth.

Tidy Ridey backseat organizers have the following essential features:

LARGE SIZE; carries more items, dimensions of 21 x 13.9 inches compared to other organizers which measure 10.8 x 8.4 inches

GRAY AND WHITE CHEVRON LINING; makes it super-cute for car storage.

DURABLE; made of tough material with faultless sewing.

REINFORCED STRAPS; better attachment on seats and for lasting strength.

FOLD DOWN EASILY; for easy storage when not in use.

Absolutely LOVE the design and look of this organizer. No complaints or problems with it so far. Holds all of my sons things and some of my daughters. This is my 4th total organizer this year. I had 2 from another brand and another really cheap made one and they didn’t last! This is less than $15.00 and the quality and durability is REALLY there! Would make a great gift too! To score yours or just to read some really great reviews click the link below BUT check out my brief product showing first here:

LOVE that Tidy Ridey!! I can’t stop saying it. Click below!! #TRBackseatOrganizer



Bluetooth Headphones Wireless by AYL


The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Now Available On Amazon!

If you have been looking for a high quality, Bluetooth sport earphone pair, your quest stops here!

AYL presents you with AX1, the ultimate stereo headset on the market which is bound to meet all your demands!

Premium Quality Sound And Ergonomic, Comfortable Design

These top notch Bluetooth headphones will provide crystal clear sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite kind of music to the fullest.

Moreover, the magnetic attraction end design will provide maximum comfort, allowing you to wear the earphones around your neck.

In this way, you will save time, avoiding the frustrating pocket searching once and for all!

Very Easy To Use

These amazing in ear Bluetooth headphones feature 3 functions buttons. Now, you can skip, change or pause a track and you can answer or end a call with a simple move.

Ideal For Every Fitness Enthusiast

Have you had enough with cheaply made, uncomfortable headsets that keep falling off, making you stop your exercising routine every once in a while?

This sports Bluetooth headphone pair is a must have for you. The soft, carefully designed earbuds provide the perfect fit and they stay put, allowing you to keep on working out for hours.

What is more, they are sweat proof and incomparably durable.

Unlimited Performance

The AYL wireless workout headphones feature an astounding 10 meter operation range. In addition, they can go on for 7 straight hours!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Keeping you satisfied is our priority. This is why we offer you a lifetime product warranty.

Extremely nice pair of earbuds. I have 2 other more expensive pairs and these beat those ones on sound quality hands down! No crackling or weird/delayed sounds/noises. Perfect each and every time. Usually my husband cannot hear me while I drive home or am in the store with my mic on my earphones but this one picks my voice up perfectly and I have had absolutely no problems in almost 2 weeks of travel use. LOVE! To check out the great reviews and get a pair for yourself click the link below! #AYLBluetoothEarphone

Leather Compact Key Organizer By ThorKey


  • FINEST QUALITY, DURABLE MATERIAL: Forget about poor quality, genuine leather key holders that are cheaply made and get easily broken. The THORKEY key bar organizer is made of top grain leather which makes it very durable.
  • MODERN, STYLISH AND COMPACT DESIGN: This top notch leather keychain features a very practical, compact design that makes it perfect to fit your pockets. Clutter and holes in your pockets are a thing of the past with the THORKEY. Your keys are stored neatly with the space saving design. The perfect gift for every man and woman!
  • KEEP ALL YOUR KEYS PERFECTLY ORGANIZED: The THORKEY organizer can hold up to 8 different keys or tools and is perfect as a key fob holder to serve all your needs. It tightly holds the keys together and it eliminates the frustrating jingling sound all key bundles produce. It also protects your mobile phones and other sensitive accessories from scratches.
  • SECURE LOCKING MECHANISM: The new THORKEY locking mechanism will keep your keys fixed and in position. The force to swing out the keys is adjustable by the torque of the bolt. Never again lose your keys because the bolt of your key organizer came loose. Three 0.15 inch diameter stainless steel bolts with a length of 0.79, 0.99 and 1.18 inch are included and will keep your keys together in every situation! The 0.15 inch diameter bolts will fit almost all keys.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a money back guarantee in case this leather key organizer does not live up to your expectations.

I cannot say enough great things about this product! It’s such a huge time saver! No more fumbling around for the key you need on those crappy bulky annoying key rings. This is simple. You just put up to 8 keys on, slide the one you need out, unlock your door and slide it back in. You’re in and out of those doors in seconds! LOVE! I can put my office key, house key, car key, post office box key and a few random keys on here for occasional use and it’s still very compact and easy to use!! Check out my video review below of a brief product showing and PLEASE don’t take my stupidity out on the product, trying to show this and hold a phone and take video and making sure the THORKEY is in the picture was hard today. I need coffee! It’s not hard to use I assure you.

To score yours or to read these STELLAR super amazing great reviews click the link below:




DRIVE Trunk Organizer

The DRIVE organizer has quickly become my absolute favorite storage for my van. It’s very easy to set up. If you need the whole thing you just place the bottom inserts in and place where you want it in your vehicle. If you only need half of it you simply place in one bottom insert and keep the other side collapsed. If you need one side with smaller compartments you just insert the divider and you have a smaller space. The velcro on the divider holds very tight and strong. There are several pockets of mesh that surround most of the outside that are perfect for smaller stuff and 2 larger velco-shut pockets on one end that hold medium sized things. There is just so much room in this DRIVE organizer and I love it! I have three kids and this really helps to keep things in order in my van. For the fourth of July I really got to test this out and I placed a large casserole on one side with a smaller plastic container of chicken salad, a pack of buns and plastic silverware/paper plates. The other side with the divider separating was sparklers, small fireworks in the smaller compartment and 2 rolled up jackets, baby wipes, umbrella, my first aid kit, small toys and cups in the larger compartment. YES all of that and the kicker was that it DID NOT BUCKLE in the middle when I grabbed the handles and pulled it out to sit on the grass during the fireworks show. The bottom stayed solid! This is by far the BEST box I’ve had. This even comes with straps to hold it in place. I drive pretty willy nilly. lol Flying over railroad tracks and flying around corners but this stays in place for me so I haven’t really needed the straps yet but I’m glad they are available to me if I should need them. They tuck right into the side of my DRIVE organizer. During my fourth of July I did get this dirty but it cleaned up really easy. A few baby wipes to the bottom and side and it was brand new again. When you’re not using it you can simply collapse back down and tuck in under the seat or anywhere really and then pop it back up when you need it again. Perfect for road trips. Today I’m getting ready to take a trip West Virginia and with my DRIVE trashcan that I got a few weeks ago that also doubles as a cooler, I’m placing my drinks in there and this baby is holding all my gifts (organizer) I’m giving to relatives I’m visiting. I can’t wait! LOVE so much I can’t even give this product enough props! =) 



  • Patent Pending Quick-Connect Strap system is one of a kind for securing the organizer in place
  • Folding Compartments allow for max storage or streamlined snug fit mode
  • Front Seat Mode for the business or solo traveler who requires extra storage within arms reach of driver’s seat such as coffee mugs, water bottles, phone, wallet
  • Thick Oxford 600D fabric with built-in PP board structure plates for one of the strongest units on the market

Check out my DRIVE Trunk Organizer Video!


This baby holds A LOT without buckling in the middle! Check out the website below!




Baby Car Mirror Bundle


The Yes Baby Manufacture is satisfying everything new parents need, to make their life and their baby’s life more comfortable. We believe TIME is the one and only resource we can never recover, no matter how hard we all try, so by bringing you these well-thought products, we are giving you more time to spend together with your loved ones, such as we, as a family, do. All the products we are working on will put safety first and at the same time, keep value for your money and reliability. We present to you the best improvements that we made especially for your baby! •STRONG and RELIABLE MATERIAL: Our PREMIUM baby mirror is made from the latest generation of BPA-Free REINFORCED ABS polymer plastic, providing long-lasting service which holds the mirror in her place • THE BEST CHOICE – Multiple attachment options! • NO NOISES IN YOUR CAR – The ball-joint mechanism is tight and he doesn’t cause shakiness. • ADJUSTABLE – You can adjust the back seat mirror to any desired angle to see your baby. • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED and very simple to install, only unpack the mirror from the gift box, strap it to the headrest, and enjoy tossing your angel smile. • THE LARGEST – The Yes Baby Car Mirror is providing you a Large View without needing to readjust all the time you want to see your baby. • THE CLEAREST – The reflection is the clearest and not distorted. • PERFECT PRESENT – It is the perfect GIFT for your family and friends, from moms to coworker, animal lovers and perfect parents who love their precious. BECAUSE YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST QUALITY, purchase our Premium Baby Car Mirror NOW!

So, in my own personal opinion: This product rocks! I’ve not ever seen a mirror so large and easy to assemble. It’s a breeze! No marks, scrapes or flaws on this thing at all! I would be so excited to get or give this as a gift. Inside the box everything was wrapped up nicely and I got utensils for my little one and a Baby on Board sign! Everything crystal clear and clean looking. The quality is definitely there. To score yours or just to read the reviews click the link below. To go to the product website please click the link under that one.


iSmartPro Magnetic Air Vent Cell Phone Car Mount

  • • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING SOLUTION: iSmartPro magnetic mount will hold most smartphones, as well as their cases, and GPS devices.
  • • STRONGEST MAGNET PULL: iSmartPro cell phone holder Provides a choice of an inner and outer metal plate; each plate uses an adhesive tape to attach to select mounting location and is easily removable. 6 Rare Earth Magnets provides a 6lb pull force to give users a strong grip.
  • • ONE TOUCH INSTALLATION: Spring loaded one click lock and release feature to provide a strong clamped hold to users vent blade while also minimizing vibrations to your device.
  • • SAFEST MAGNET: The magnet should not cause interruption to your smartphone’s internet, cellular, or navigation quality when in use. It may cause some temporary interference to select smartphones compass function depending on the location of mounting the magnet mount. The compass will return back to normal use after removal. The metal plate may cause interference to Qi charging functions, once the metal plate is removed, QI charging will return back to normal.
  • • OUR PROMISE: At DAFQCO, you are covered under our exclusive 30 Days money back and Industry Leading LIFE TIME FREE Product Replacement guarantee in case you are not happy with your purchase. No questions asked. For more details please read our CUSTOMER FEEDBACK

Okay so my experience with this product is a very positive one. I have had this same companies products many times before and I’ve never had any problems and I still don’t with this. You just clip it on the vent and place your magnet on your phone or inside your case and then place it on the vent device and woolah it’s good to go! No falling off! Not just for the phone either, tablets, ipods, whatever you can get on that thing! So check it out here:


Meago QC2.0 Rapid USB Car Charger


  • Quick Charge 2.0 Technology – Meago Series CC002 fast USB car charger, certified by Qualcomm Inc., can rapidly charge any device that has Quick Charge enabled, and able to charge up to 75% faster than conventional charging.
  • Ergonomic & Stylish Design – Combining circular soft green LED light and Multi-annular design of appearance, to create convenient for you to pull and plug USB cable in dim light;
  • Uncompromised Reliability – Meago intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting, over-heating, over-current, and over-charging. The car charger will automatically stop charging when battery is full, to maximize the safety of your devices;
  • Automatically Identify Your Devices – 2 smart USB ports can automatically identify your cell phone model to provide stable current output, you can charge up 2 mobile devices at the same time;
  • Fast Charging with High Output – Each USB port has 2.4A max output to quickly charge phones or tablets, you’ll spend less time charging in your car, and less time worrying that your phone is running out of juice

My own personal opinion of reviewing this product for several days is that it works and is extremely fast! I love the 2 USB slots on this very small adapter/charger. It’s incredibly lightweight. One slot is a quick charging USB and the other is a 2.4A regular charging USB slot. It cuts my charging time in half and some! There is a neon green light that illuminates when charging but isn’t annoying or draws your eye while driving. It’s quite nice. It fits in the cigarette lighter perfectly, comes out easy and the USB slots aren’t stiff, no problems removing your cords. I have no complaints! 
Check out the reviews here:
The reviews are stellar aren’t they? I’ve never had any problems with any #Meago products and I have quite a few!!

Meago Series QC 2.0 Fast USB Car Charger Adapter
– Anywhere you travel, fast charging up you portable devices anytime-

Certified Safety
– Made from fireproof and heatproof materials for your car’s safety.
– Certified by Qualcomm, RoHS, CE, and FCC;

– Input: DC 12-24V, Max2.5A;
– Output(2.4A port): DC 5V, 2.4A;
– Output(QC2.0 port): DC 5V, 2.4A, or DC 9V, 2.0A, or DC12V, 1.5A;
– Max Output: 30W, 4.8A

Devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology
– Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S7/S6 Edge/S6 +/S6/S5/Note Edge/Note 5/Note 4;
– Sony Xperia Z5/Z5 Compact/Z5 Premium/Z4/Z4 Tablet/Z3+/Z3/Z3 Compact/Z3 Tablet;
– Moto X Force, X Pure, X Style, G Turbo, New Moto X, Droid Turbo 2/Droid Turbo, Droid Maxx 2;
– Sharp Aquos Pad/Zeta/Zeta Compact/SH01G/02G;
– HTC Butterfly 2, Desire Eye, One (M8)/(M9);
– LG G2 Flex 2, G4, V10;
– Google Nexus 6;
– BlackBerry Priv
– Disney Mobile on docomo;
– ZTE AXON Max/Pro, Nubia My Prague, Z9;
– Yota Phone 2;
– Learn more devices with Quick Charge, please visit Qualcomm website.

Unmatched Service & Support
– 12 months worry-free product guarantee for every car charger from Meago Inc.;
– Professional technical support from our intelligent application engineer. When you need us, we’re there!

Important Notice:
– Up till now, iPhone, iPad and other apple devices don’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, but this car charger is still able to charge these products at their full speed.

Package Includes:
– 1 X QC2.0 USB Car Charger;
– 1 X Instruction Manual;

I did receive mine at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review and I was not compensated. That does NOT change my opinion in the slightest.

Father's Day Electronics Gift Guide

Shark shk-6231 High-precision Tire Gauge

Shark high precision tire gauge is a very nice sturdy device. It sells for less than $13.00 here:


Manufacturer: SharkMotorcycleAudio
Weight: 1.0 LBS
Shipping: Free Shipping

Main Features:
High metal tire pressure table, used in automobile tire pressure monitoring
Correct pressure detection can increase driving safety, reduce tire wear and reduced fuel consumption
Detects the amount of tire cooling, the gas nozzle detection hold the tire with the tire valve, until the pointer to the highest value and read off the pressure
According to the driver’s experience, combined with the road and set out to do the relative weight of pressure to determine the correct pressure

Instructions for use:
The product interface to hold the tire air valve mouth to detect the tire pressure
The test is finished, press the button back to zero, and the tire re-cover the gas nozzle cap

Package weight: 0.18 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 13 x 2.8 x 21.5 cm

Package Contents:
1 x Tire Pressure Table

Check out my video on how easy it is to use:

It did let out quite a bit of air. Originally listed at $89.99 which is a crock of BS for the quality of the product. It is perfectly price adjusted for under $13.00 now where it should be. If it didn’t twist on it would work much better as you are losing tire pressure by twisting it on and off. Other than that it worked great and as it should.

I received mine in exchange for an honest review and I was not compensated.

SMART & EASY® Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder Review

Car Tablet Mount| Magnetic Cradle-less Dash Mount| Suitable For All Phones and Tablets, Samsung Tablets, Nexus, Asus, Lenovo, IPads, IPad Mini

I received this product in exchange for my honest review, I was in no way compensated. 



  • * SUPERIOR BUNDLE – SMART & EASY Plus universal tablet mount/ car holder is STRONG, SMART & BEAUTIFUL. Your Complete SMART & EASY Plus universal car mount Bundle comes with a Pack of Bonuses to make sure you mount your device with complete confidence and provide Super Value for money.
  • * SLEEK AND EASY TO USE – Securing your device with our universal tablet holder mount is EFFORTLESS….Simply stick the included adhesive based disk in cell phone mount to the back of your Phone/Tablet and bring it closer to our SUPER MAGNET with metallic disc centred, SEE how the MAGICAL MAGNETIC FORCE of SMART & EASY Plus car tablet phone mount pulls your device. NO MORE juggling with CLIPS, CLAMPS or PUSH BUTTONS to mount your device securely.
  • * KEEP YOUR PHONE IN VIEW – Never put yourself in DANGER AGAIN while driving! Our New SMART & EASY Plus cell phone car mount allows you to keep yourself up-to-date on everything flashing across your DEVICE’s screen, WITHOUT risking your own SAFETY. This 360 Degrees Adjustable car dash mount is designed to keep your device SAFE FROM FALLING, and has been EXTENSIVELY TESTED to ensure that our car tablet holders magnetic pull doesn’t harm your electronics at all.
  • * PREMIUM QUALITY – SMART & EASY Plus car mount mobile phone holder is developed using PREMIUM GRADE metal, SUPERIOR QUALITY MAGNETS and POWERFUL 3M ADHESIVES giving our car phone mount UNIQUE Shape, Design, Look, Quality and Durability. Our SUPER STRONG Magnet enables one touch mounting of your device like BREEZE. SMART & EASY Plus car tablet mount gives attractive LOOK to your vehicle INTERIOR unlike other tablet holders for car on the market.
  • * OUR PROMISE TO YOU – We have Launched a Brand New Bundle of our tablet holder mount NOW – Comes with additional features. At DAFQCO, We’re all about helping make YOUR life easier. There’s no risk for you whatsoever when you shop with us – You’re backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee! SMART & EASY Plus Tablet & Computer stand Bundle is a WONDERFUL Gift Idea So, Why not Buy Two Today 1 for yourself and 1 for your loved ones and ENJOY free Delivery Too. THIS OFFER is for LIMITED TIME ONLY.

This product is a godsend! I am constantly losing my phone in my car. Under my feet, under the seat, tossed in my purse, where is it!!?? Having one of the slipperiest phones in history with the Galaxy S6 is a horrible curse. So I received this product and attached it to my phone and now it sits secured on my dash in front of me.

Does it come loose? Absolutely not. I hit potholes and bumps and train tracks carelessly. HARD! It stays secured and I love that! I’m not one to care about damaging my car with all the holes in the road so hitting that stuff doesn’t really matter to me, that’s why my phone goes flying all around. Having this had made life a little bit more easy. It works exactly as it should. It’s small and doesn’t look horrible on my dash. If you want to score yours just click below!! At less than $19.00 it’s so WORTH IT! #smatandeasyplus