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Bluetooth Headphones Wireless by AYL


The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Now Available On Amazon!

If you have been looking for a high quality, Bluetooth sport earphone pair, your quest stops here!

AYL presents you with AX1, the ultimate stereo headset on the market which is bound to meet all your demands!

Premium Quality Sound And Ergonomic, Comfortable Design

These top notch Bluetooth headphones will provide crystal clear sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite kind of music to the fullest.

Moreover, the magnetic attraction end design will provide maximum comfort, allowing you to wear the earphones around your neck.

In this way, you will save time, avoiding the frustrating pocket searching once and for all!

Very Easy To Use

These amazing in ear Bluetooth headphones feature 3 functions buttons. Now, you can skip, change or pause a track and you can answer or end a call with a simple move.

Ideal For Every Fitness Enthusiast

Have you had enough with cheaply made, uncomfortable headsets that keep falling off, making you stop your exercising routine every once in a while?

This sports Bluetooth headphone pair is a must have for you. The soft, carefully designed earbuds provide the perfect fit and they stay put, allowing you to keep on working out for hours.

What is more, they are sweat proof and incomparably durable.

Unlimited Performance

The AYL wireless workout headphones feature an astounding 10 meter operation range. In addition, they can go on for 7 straight hours!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Keeping you satisfied is our priority. This is why we offer you a lifetime product warranty.

Extremely nice pair of earbuds. I have 2 other more expensive pairs and these beat those ones on sound quality hands down! No crackling or weird/delayed sounds/noises. Perfect each and every time. Usually my husband cannot hear me while I drive home or am in the store with my mic on my earphones but this one picks my voice up perfectly and I have had absolutely no problems in almost 2 weeks of travel use. LOVE! To check out the great reviews and get a pair for yourself click the link below! #AYLBluetoothEarphone


Peanut By EGOZ

Product Description

This bag combines all the benefits of Cotton -high compressibility, superior warmth, and light weight- with unmatched performance in the presence of humidity, condensation, and sweat. It will keep you warm with lots of key features. The box baffle construction with ground-level side seams and differential cut maximizes warmth and eliminates cold spots while the top draft collar and zipper draft tube with anti-snag design will keep the cold air out of the bag. The efficient, form fitting hood is warm and comfortable, with captured cord lock for one-handed adjustment, makes it easy to adjust. The bag is also easy to get in and out of with the dual-slider locking zipper. Regular Cotton is treated with a molecular level polyester to create a hydrophobic finish on each individual Cotton plume. This finish allows it to stay dry longer, loft better, and dry faster than untreated Cotton, keeping you warmer in any environment. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Style: EP300 Temperature Rating: 40°F / 4°C Stuffsack Size: 9″ x 15″ (22 cm x 38 cm) Total Weight: 3 lbs (1400g) Internal Legth: 83″ (211 cm) Maximum User Height: 6’6″ (198 cm)

My husband is big into outdoors and hammock camping, tent camping, backpacking and climbing. He leaves sometimes for 2-3 days and goes on great adventures! He needs a durable lightweight sleeping bag and this one has been great to him. It’s army green and he’s been using it for a few weeks now and it’s really held up. It does get wrinkly in the bag but what sleeping bag doesn’t? It stays warm at night so far. He’s only been sleeping in 60+ degree weather but it’s been very comfortable and even hot at times. Yes I did say hammock camping too! How? Well he steps in it, pulls it up waist level, sits down and flops his feet in and then pulls it up and lays down. He is a character but he knows how to stay comfy! We have not washed this yet and I don’t plan on doing it. By what I’ve read the material will bunch up and it doesn’t work well just machine doing it so I think when It comes time I’ll wrap it up tight and put it in my chest freezer. YES! If you think this is nuts then you MUST google freezing clothing/items to get them clean. It works! We do it with many camping supplies and packs to get sap and everything off of them. A little spray, a little freeze and it’s as good as new. Even works with stinky stank.

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