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Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella Vino



  • DECANT WINE LIKE A PRO. The secret to always serving the best tasting wine is a secret no more! Feel like a wine expert every time you use this amazing vivid wine decanter. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the package and you are on your way to bringing out the rich aroma and heavenly smooth taste of your favorite wine on your first try!
  • ELEGANT SPILL-PROOF DESIGN. This crystal wine decanter comes in a classy spill-proof design, making it a lovely table centerpiece while allowing you to pour your flavorsome decanted wine effortlessly and mess-free. You can effectively aerate wine with this exceptional decanter, which has a wide bottom that provides ample aeration space and essentially brings out the aroma and smooth taste of your wine to give you a savory experience with every sip.
  • 100% LEAD-FREE. Focus on bringing out the best taste and quality of your wine without worrying about exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that should never be spoiling your special wine experience. Our unique wine decanter is made from top-grade premium materials that are absolutely and definitely 100% lead-free. So go on and enjoy your wine decanting without fear of mixing any dangerously invasive chemicals in your favorite drink.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY. Made from transparent, thick, and durable crystal glass yet light and easy to use. This wine decanter doesn’t chip or break easily so it’s dishwasher-safe. Enjoy your wine and clean this decanter with ease!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We are confident that you will be enjoying every sip of your lusciously appetizing wine each time you use our Bella Vino wine decanter. However, if for any reason you find yourself not satisfied with our product, rest assured that we have a 100% money back guarantee.

WOW! So upon opening the box I was really blown away by the look and feel of the decanter. Quality is key of course and this is right up there at top of the line. At just $35.95 it’s a steal!! Secure, durable, beautiful, clean and crisp looking. I can go on and on with descriptive words but you need to click on the link and read the stellar reviews yourself and grab one of your own!! #drinkbellavino



Prefer Green Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves Review

So if you haven’t heard of Prefer Green they make some pretty rad grilling gloves. They are 100% heat resistant up to 425 degrees and they come in one awesome cool green color. The texture of the silicone glove is neat, it feels so floppy and odd that I love it! Not to mention it has little hearts all over it that add to the grip.

You take these beauties out of the package, give them a good cleaning and then put them to work! They are amazing! My husband wears these more than I do and he doesn’t mind the little green hearts at all. He can flip his meat on the grill and move burners, do all kinds of hot things that really shouldn’t be done by hand! BUT when you have these gloves on you won’t get burnt! I love to have these in my kitchen to move things in and out of the oven. I can use these just like oven mitts. I do boil a lot of eggs and I just reach right in the water and grab out the eggs and lay them to cool. EASY! These are one of my favorite kitchen tools right now because if it’s hot I can pull these out of the drawer with my oven mitts and place them on so quickly and do my business. Need something out of the microwave that is burning hot like a bowl of soup? NO PROBLEMO!! It’s not hot with the gloves on.



  • 1 PAIR INCLUDING – Includes 1 Pair of Built To Last, FDA Approved and BPA Free, Pure Food Grade Silicone Grip Gloves with One Size Fits All.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Protect Your Hands Against Heat While Cooking or BBQing, Avoid Accidents.Heat Resistant Durability For Temperatures Up To 425 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – No-Slip Five Finger Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items and Boiling Water With a Strong Grip. Handle Scrumptious Meats Like Chicken and Pulled Pork With Ease. Dishwasher Safe And Waterproof Design Eliminates Uncomfortable Wet Oven Mitts- Food, Grease, Grill Grime, Marinades, and Oil Wash Right Off
  • MULTI-PURPOSE Gloves for Baking, BBQ, Cooking, opening hard to open cans/jars, handling critters or pets that might bite, and much more
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Prefer Green, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. That’s why we offer our lifetime guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the performance of your products, we’ll send you a new one, no questions asked!


I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review and was in no way compensated. If you want to read the reviews or snag a pair for yourself please click below. They are GREAT! #GrillGloves