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Leader Accessories Car Seat Cover



  • Waterproof Car Seat Cover Pet Protections Fit Yoga Running Beach Gym Fitness Athletes Neoprene
  • Extra comfort foam offer a extreme driving experience,Easy installation and clean up.
  • Ultimate Protect your car seat from pets hair ,dust, etc
  • Anti slip designs to keep you covers stay in the seat
  • Ultimate Neoprene fabric to offer anti-scratch and waterproof protections


It was hard trying to get a good angle on this seat cover this morning (You can see in the video below). It does feel very comfortable. Slides over the top and kind of tucks into the seat middle and hangs loose on the sides. It’s not bad, decent. Fits in my Town& Country just fine. When I get in & out of my vehicle it stays in place, no sliding. Easy to wipe off/clean and is waterproof. My only problem is that after the sun beats down on it for over half hour it gets very hot since it’s black.

Check out my brief video.





First Aid Kit From Patch-Up


Patch Up makes one nice kit! At just $49.49 with near perfect Amazon reviews it has the right to boast excellence! 270 pieces with 39 unique medical items. This is completely designed for family medical EMERGENCY care! I have 3 rambunctious kids and scrapes and blood come hand in hand every few days. Having a million band-aids in a cool compact nylon bag is just what I need. lol No not quite a million but still A LOT. This has tons of different shaped and sized band-aids, it’s great! Gauze, disposable gloves, masks and emergency blanket are among just a few things listed. Check out the product details below:

First Aid Kit From Patch-Up (39 unique medical items totaling 270 pieces) Designed For Family Emergency Medical Care and Survival. Compact-Waterproof-Nylon Bag Is Ideal For Home-Car-Boat-Sports-Hiking-Camping-Outdoors. Protect Your Loved Ones With a Patch-Up Kit. This premium, well-organized, lightweight, Patch-Up Kit contains all the necessary medical supplies to provide emergency care and survival treatment for a family (or any group} of 4-8 people. HOSPITAL GRADE MEDICAL SUPPLIES All 270 pieces are manufactured in an FDA and CE approved facility. The Patch-Up Kit provides a unique combination of first aid medical and emergency preparedness supplies that could help to save the lives of those close to you. WELL-ORGANIZED COMPACT BAG This compact kit (9″x 7″x 3″) has zippered see-through pockets which fold out to 36″ for easy access to all the 270 medical supplies. This tough, lightweight portable bag can easily fit in a suitcase or backpack to be taken with you so you can be prepared for emergencies wherever you go. Kit instructions plus First Aid Guide are inlcluded. ONE-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE The Manufacturer of Patch-Up First Aid Kits, Patch-Up Products, offers a complete ONE-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your kit and its’ contents, or if your kit gets damaged in shipping, your kit will be replaced and/or you will be given your money back.

So click the link at the top of the page and score one of these for yourself and your family. It’s well worth it.

**PLEASE familiarize yourself with the contents of the bag after receiving. You need to know what is in each compartment ahead of time. Write notes and stick on the front pockets to be organized. You NEED TO KNOW where it all is when you are in the middle of an emergency and do not want to me panicking around through the compartments. There is a lot of stuff in here! Please familiarize so you’ll be prepared.**